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Chimney Inspection – Discussing About The Different Types

Chimney inspection is necessary and should be done quite frequently to figure out any damage. It is recommended by CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America). In fact, inspecting the device is a part of the chimney inspection task. It helps in preventing the appliance from functioning improperly.

Also, it prevents heavy expenses that may happen due to strong repair work. Spring is always the best part of the year to get the chimney inspected post winter. During the cooler season, the fireplace chimney is mostly used. Once the cold season gets over, get the chimney inspected. There will be definitely inflammable residues stored within the chimney. These residues need to be cleaned properly to ensure safety and proper functioning of the device.

Taking professional help

Hire a professional expert to get the chimney inspection work carried out. The professional will inspect both the exterior as well interior part of the chimney. They have the necessary expertise as well as tools to detect any sort of obstruction, deterioration, or damage within the inset or at the exterior part of the chimney. In case, this is the first time that the chimney is being getting inspected, the best possible option is to opt for chimney swept. This method ensures that the chimney gets cleaned thoroughly, thus releasing all the creosote, soot, and other residual build-up from the interior part.

Types of chimney inspection services

There are different kinds of inspection services available depending on the situation.

Level 1 inspection is mostly revolved around general overlook of the chimney structure. This mostly includes inspecting the crown, interior walls, flue, and joints. It will be also ensured that no build-ups or deposits are on the interior wall.

Level 2 promises for a much thorough inspection process. It is mostly required when chances of damage to the structure are expected. This type of inspection is mostly required when the property transfers ownership or being sold after some kind of fire damage.

Level 3 inspection is the most extensive examination type. It will ensure removal of the parts to examine all the hidden areas to look for any damage. This is the most expensive chimney inspection service available. This type of an inspection service is mostly carried out for commercial projects. This type of an inspection takes time and mostly comes along with cleaning and repairing jobs. To carry out level 3 inspection, it is recommended to look for a reputed commercial chimney company.

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