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Importance of chimney repair service to your safety

The work of any heating equipment which operates on solid fuel leads to the inevitable production of soot that accumulates on the inner walls of the chimney contractor. If the tube became clogged, it can cause a fire in a residential area or in the roof space. Therefore, the regular chimney repair is very important for your safety.

This is a fairly common service, which is often scheduled in our company. The period of exploitation is irrelevant – the repair may require the old and worn, but also and completely new chimneys. As regards the latter case, the repair of the recently mounted chimney may be required because of the low qualification of specialists involved in their installation.

When you need chimney repair?

The main reason for problems with the smoke contamination in the room is usually a large accumulation of condensate on the chimney walls, and mechanical damages as a result of sloppy repairs and household accidents.

You have to order the cleaning and repair of the chimney if you began to feel the smell of smoke in the heated room, and if there is obvious damage to the ventilation and smoke ducts.

To prevent major repairs and carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s better to order a regular annually inspection of your chimney.

What can chimney technician offer you?

Non-functional chimney can be a serious threat to the safety of industrial and residential buildings. Therefore, it’s very important to resolve the problem in time.

Our experts offer the following variant: walling (sealing) of the chimney using a special solution. The first step in repairing any chimney sealing the holes in the chimney wall. When the sealing work is completed, the first part is finished.

There are areas with significant slopes, bends, refractory hand. This will require a large number of special openings, through which the sealing is performed. The result of this procedure will be significantly increased the level of safety and improved traction.

Why order repair from us?

Our employees are experienced professionals who are well aware of the regulatory and operational requirements of such systems. Experienced staff, however, is not our only advantage. We also offer:

  • affordable prices;
  • a guarantee on quality repair of the chimney;
  • practical use of materials resistant to high and low temperatures, humidity, etc.,
  • efficiency.

If you want the best chimney repair, call us for diagnosis and advice and after that, we can make a contract.

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