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Important facts about natural stone retaining walls

Natural stone retaining walls is used since the old times to create magnificent and creative outdoors. Natural stones may be procured in various tones, colors, shapes and surfaces. Best quality natural stones are composed of denser and heavier rocks like the field and shake stones.

In fact, retaining wall is down to earth and an appealing expansion option left for the homeowners. The wall must be very strong to hold the pressure from earth soil while porous enough to permit drainage. Marbles and natural stones are the commonest materials for the outdoor retaining walls. To install the walls, you can call up a contractor or masonry in the area. You can use dry-wall or mortar to create walls.

Various materials for the retaining walls

There are a variety of natural stones that may be employed to build the walls. The basic stone and the interlocking concrete are most common. Natural stones are used since they come in different colors, textures and shapes.

Natural stone is a more creative option. Ideal material for the walls would be dense and heavy rocks like the field stone and granite. But then, such stones are pretty expensive. You may use them in narrow and shorter sections to enhance the stability. If you wish to impart rustic and countryside charm to your home, choose natural stones. They are both traditional and beautiful.

It eliminates the need for mortar or some special connections to hold the stones together. A masonry store will be able to give recommendations on the material for the walls. For attractive and functional outdoors, use basalt, granite, limestone or marble.

Elegance and beauty of Stone retaining walls

As the name suggests, natural stones come directly from the Earth. Capitalize on their benefits by using natural stones for your retaining walls. Marble material is charming, elegant while granite is durable. Travertine and limestone are exotic and charming to look.

For sheer brilliance, you can choose Onyx. For the commercial and residential spaces, natural stones are becoming preferred choices. Available in different sizes, colors and shapes, the stones can perfectly blend to your home exteriors and interiors. Besides being durable and practical, the stones are affordable as well.

Being the most versatile building material, one can create entry floors, fireplaces, staircases, retaining walls with the natural stones. Stone retaining walls contractor long island will first of all examine your site and then decide on the material. To impart lifetime beauty and elegance to your property, choose marble or granite for retaining walls.


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