Japanese Hair Straightening: a treatment to cure your curly hair

As you may have noticed beforehand, Japanese hair straightening treatment is a revolutionary new technique, designed and developed in Japan, to straighten frizzy, curly and unmanageable hair permanently and transform your tresses from lifeless locks to your most impressive beauty asset! Read on to know more.

More Information about hair Straightening:

Japanese hair straitening, as the name suggests, originated in Japan and the process involves a combination of heat and chemicals that directly attack and align the bonds of your hair to create silky, smooth, shiny and pin-straight hair, which is much healthier than before the treatment. Being a very sensitive treatment that could end up being a disaster and nightmare if not done properly, it is highly advisable to avail services from a high-end professional salon with expert stylists. Once damaged, it would be very difficult to restore it back to its former glory.

The Process of the hair Straightening treatment:

The following process is undertaken to straighten the hair-

  1. Consult regarding any previous treatments done like color, highlights, relaxers and also any allergies, irritations and abrasions.
  2. Hair comes in a variety of types and, therefore, it is crucial to understand the type and condition of hair.
  3. First the hair is shampooed and then blow-dried.
  4. The applicator is then applied to your tender hair.
  5. Hair strands are then examined to check for any issues.
  6. Hair is then again rinsed and blow-dried so that they become even tenderer.
  7. Hair is then flattened after flat iron is used
  8. Neutralizer is then applied to make your hair as good as new
  9. Follow up with another round of rinse and conditioner to bring out the shine
  10. Again the hair is blow dried and flat iron is used as required; all to make your hair perfect and smart looking.

The entire process may take from three to four hours, of course, based on the length, depth, height and thickness of your own hair. This process can be done in case the hair has been colored previously up to fifty percent of the total volume of your hair. In the scenario wherein your full volume of hair has been colored or highlighted, consult your stylist for the same as double coating of color and extremely damaged hair can prove to be difficult to undergo this treatment. This treatment will remain effective until and unless it is cut off or grown out. So wisely choose hair straightening salon before opting for this treatment.

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