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Learning more about Trenchless Pipe and Drain Repairs and Jet/Vac services

Trenchless pipe and drain repairs technology is considered as an alternative to the sewer drain cleaning method. Under this method, new pipe is created under the existing pipe without causing any damage to its structures, sidewalks, landscape and interior walls. It is quite obvious that sewer drainage is just like a disaster for homeowners as it creates so many health risks like infection of harmful bacteria and mold. Its timely treatment is necessary not only for your home but also for your neighbors, so contact any reliable company who offers skilled professionals who can deal with pipe and drain repairs successfully.

Process of Pipe and Drain Repairs:

The process of pipes and drain repairs include three steps:

  • Firstly, pipes will be evaluated thoroughly with the help of cameras in order to find out the exact problem part or area and what is required to deal with the specific problem. Under this step, camera inspection method is applied and its footage is recorded in form of DVD. With the help of this footage, technician evaluates the problem area and gives the best possible solution to get rid of the problem.
  • Next step include the cleaning of the lines. After identifying the problem, technicians clean out all the roots with the help of pneumatic tools and other mechanical tools.
  • Lastly, the liner is placed through inversion technique. With the decided solution, technician cuts the liner and pulls in place.

At the end, smooth pipe is created under the existing pipe. With the help of this technology, roots cannot enter to this new pipe and calcification will not be further occurred as there will be no deposits to the inner walls of this new smooth pipe. Most importantly, there will be no harm to the landscape area, driveways, floors and the interior walls. To be ensured that the complete task is done successfully, camera inspection method is performed again.

How Jet/Vac Services help you out from sewer and drains?

With this technique ultra high pressure water jetting as well as vacuuming services are performed which work well with the sewers, storm sewers, storage tanks, and plant piping. Technicians of Jet Vac Services ny are highly skilled and expert in their field so they assure that the project will be done on time and within your budget. So, whenever any problem aroused with your sewer then you can contact with expert technicians of your nearby location.

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