Planning For The Perfect Wedding Tent Rental

Are you looking for the best wedding tent rentals available in your nearby area? Always search for the professionals. The professional service providers always help in making the scenario a lot easier. While discussing your requirement with the professional, it is necessary to specify clearly about the exact set of requirements to make the special day memorable.

Wedding rentals guide

What would be the total number of invitees? How many guests are you expecting? This analysis is extremely important since it could help in getting the estimation part carried out properly.

Also, this total number of guests attending the event would also help you in determining the perfect size of tent. A 20ft by 20ft tent would be perfect to accommodate 150 guests in different positions. 20ft by 60ft tents are also nice option to accommodate guests in the range of 150-250 in total. Round table rentals are also essential part of the event, so don’t forget to incorporate them.

About wedding tent rentals

Weather conditions also need to be focused while choosing the wedding tent. During extreme summer conditions, it needs to be ensured that the tent settings are perfectly apt as per the climatic situation. You can also increase the height of sidewalls to allow air to flow largely while keeping the guests cool. The size of the tent needs to be increased to prevent suffocation.

Black or dark colored tent fabric should be used to prevent the ultraviolet rays from entering the tent, thus ensuring a cool and pleasant atmosphere within the tent interiors. In order to improve the visibility from inside the tent, it is recommended to have clear window walls or side walls. It is absolutely not recommended to rent a tent having clear tops during the hot season since this easily traps the heat, allowing for the cause of greenhouse effect within tent.

Benefits of Clear Span Tent

For severe weather condition, it is recommended to opt for clear span tent. This type promises to be highly stable if correctly stacked. This particular type is easy enough to handle, close, open, and secured to the ground. Such a feature makes this tent highly useful.

Proper drainage is essential

While installing the tent, it is crucial to make suitable provision for drainage. It could be helpful in case of heavy rain and snowfall. In case the event is being organized during monsoon, it is recommended to use canopied in walkways. Prior to tent rental services ny, the drainage issues should be carefully studied.

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