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Preparing for Hip Replacement Recovery

Hip replacement surgery may be required as a result of heavy accidental damage to the hip bones. Hip bones are important part of the legs and any damage to the hip bone would intervene with normal movements of legs. Under different circumstances hip bone replacement surgery would be suggested by the surgeon. Most of the times they would try to cure the issue without surgery but in few cases where it is difficult to recover damaged hip bones, surgery becomes essential. Hip bone replacement is not that difficult procedure but you need to follow recovery tips to recover well from the surgery.

Preparing for Hip replacement Surgical Complications

There are possibly and practically 2 percent chances of surgical complication occurring with hip bone replacement. You have had partial hip bone replacement or you require going through a complete hip bone replacement, take suggested antibiotics. Any procedures that require to be carried on after the surgery must be done only after a complete course of antibiotics as there are chances of infection passing through your blood stream to hip bone. Other than that also avoid any blood clotting in your legs, this could also lead to possible complication to your hip surgery.

Preparing For your Stay

Your length of stay at hospital depends on the surgery you had to undergo. Hospital staff and surgeon would inform you about the length of stay and you should be prepared for it. Also, you should plan in advance who would help you out at home, in case you are living alone or staying with your parents. A hip surgery generally requires 2 weeks rest to recover from the surgery or as suggested by the surgeon. After leaving hospital a complete care must be of prime focus to the patient.

Physical Therapy

Hip surgery would mean that you would need to restrict your hip movements for duration until your surgeon allows you. But, along with this there is also requirement for regular routine movements. Your physical therapist would teach you the movements from day one of the surgery that would keep your leg efficient to move once you recover. Also these movements would help you a lot in recovering fast. You would need to restrict hip movements until your hip surgeon woodbridge va allow you to proceed with movements. The role of physical therapist and surgeon are vital in helping the recovery process. You should follow each and every suggestion strictly to recover well.

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