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Commercial kitchen appliance repairs and residential kitchen appliance repairs are two different ball games altogether. If you think that any kitchen appliance repairman would be able to manage both, you are possibly heading the wrong way. The fact is that it requires special certification for the repair technicians to be able to work with commercial appliances like commercial ovens, stovetops, or refrigerators.

The reason for the difference

So what makes the commercial kitchen appliances differ from the domestic ones? It shouldn’t take too much to answer that it is the sheer volume of work that is being done by these appliances that draw the line of difference. A domestic oven gets used twice or thrice in the whole day to cook meals for a family. A commercial cooking oven, on the other hand, is in constant use for the entire duration of the operational hours of the business. If a residential kitchen appliance had to serve the role of a commercial kitchen appliance, it would get damaged in a matter of no time.

The sizes of the commercial kitchen appliances are also much bigger than their domestic counterparts. The commercial appliances are designed to operate at rates which are much faster than residential units. Imagine using the regular household cook top burner to cook meals for a hundred people in a fully operational restaurant or a caterer’s kitchen. Commercial cooking needs things to be done fast and in huge volume.

Apart from that, the electric ratings of commercial kitchen appliances are different than that of residential appliances, the underlying cause for which is the difference in the deliverables of the two types of appliances.

What to look for in the commercial repair technicians?

As already mentioned, just any technical will not have the technical know how to handle the critical work of commercial oven maintenance or repair of other commercial appliances. This needs special training and the technician needs to be certified to handle such large scale units on his own. As you plan to sign a technician to offer the repair services, you need to ensure that

  • He is certified to repair kitchen appliances from the commercial range
  • He is prompt at his service. You cannot afford to run business with a faulty commercial appliance as that would mean a downtime to the business.
  • He is available during weekends as well. If you run a restaurant, it is during the weekends that your kitchen will keep busier than the weekdays. You would definitely not want to wait for the next Monday before the technician arrives to fix the appliance as that would wash down your weekend sales badly.

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