Swimming goggles: All you need to know

Sunglasses meant to be used while under playing water sport are known as swimming goggles or swimming sunglasses. These types of goggles are used in SCUBA diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, etc. World class swimming goggles are available on e-commerce with varied and unique features. Anti fog goggles, swimming masks of different colors, materials, and frame are available. Swimmers can choose goggles from unlimited numbers of choices. TYR, Nike, Aqua sphere, Barracuda, arena are few among the well known brands available in the market. One year warranty, cash on delivery, free returns, easy shopping on any ecommerce venue like eBay.

All you need to know about sports sunglasses

Barz optics: the company was established in the year 1996 by Kevin Barr a specialist in water sport who has been experienced for more than 30 years. Neglecting the history of founder, it is important to list out the products made available by Barr optics. Polarized and non polarized sunglasses, sunglasses for kids, sunglasses with bifocal reader lenses are available in Barz optics.

  • Floater photo chromic acetate polarized: In this model, the frame is TR90 available in five different colors with non slippery temples and nasal bridge. This is suitable for both summer and rainy season.
  • Corsica: this is a fully covered black and white colored frame model with grey, amber or blue mirror colored lens. This type of polarized model will cherishes the view and adds up color to the climatic conditions.

Additionally, there are non polarized sunglasses of models named as kelso polycarbonate, cruiser polycarbonate, and cabo polycarbonate possessing non polarized lenses with magnifying options. Goggles are used in water sports made of rubber, metal, cellulose propionate, acetate, poly carbonate that offers a firm support to the frame. These goggles are 100% UV protected, polarized, flash, gradient, etc with an eccentric look. Based on the size and shape of the individuals, these goggles are available in various shapes like oval, square, retro square, cate eye, butterfly, etc. jet skiers, mountain climbers, scuba divers and other water sport person and stunt experts are using ski goggles. World class top companies, besides, Barz optics are offering ski goggles to affordable price. Also they are personalized as prescription goggles according to the individual’s need with the lens power of -2.00 to -7.00 and interchangeable nasal bridges and matching ear plugs, polarized and non-polarized lenses tinted and UV coated. Fine increments are made enable to be sensed by the user alone.

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