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When do you know it’s Time for Tennis Elbow Surgery?

Just like any other surgery, having a elbow surgery should be your last resort. It is understandable that at some moment, you might struggle because of Tennis Elbow for quite a long period of time but still realize that the situation is not getting any better. When you have reached this point, it would mean that the only option you have is to find an orthopedic surgeon to undertake elbow surgery.

In more often than not, many people do not know when it’s time for surgery on your tennis elbow. Well, here are some of the top most key things that have to be considered.

  • Recovery time

When you had visited an elbow specialist for an injury but you realize that the recovery time is taking longer than usual then chances are high that you need elbow surgery. In other words, you should know it is time for elbow surgery when you are taking longer rehab time.

  • Sever or persistent pain

When you experience sever and, or persistent pain even after making several visits to a specialist, chances are high that you are a good candidate of tennis elbow injury. Sever pain actually makes your life miserable because apart from being able to carry on with your daily work, hobbies and sports, the pain will also make you spend many sleepless nights.

  • Doctor’s recommendation

When your doctor recommends that you see an orthopedic surgeon, then you can be sure that it is time for you to have a elbow surgery.

You Should rely on your surgeon for direction because he or she will have a distinct and unyielding opinion regarding whether the injury on your elbow is repairable by surgery or not, and this is normally based on the information he possesses. Yes, you should be the final authority on matters to do with your own health. So, your doctor might simply recommend that you should go for elbow surgery but you are the one who will make the decision on whether you will have elbow surgery or not.

When you suspect that you need a shoulder replacement, you should not panic because the procedure has very high success rate. However, it is highly recommended that you see your doctor first for examination in order to know whether you really need a shoulder replacement. To reduce recovery time and pain, you should ensure that you find the best orthopedic surgeon with plenty of experience.

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