7 Tips For Holding A Hybrid Corporate Event

A hybrid event is like any other event but with an online audience watching and interacting side by side a physically-present audience. Organizing and managing a hybrid event for a corporate is not a piece of cake, because you have to manage physical event tasks like hiring corporate tent rental and also manage your virtual event set-up.

Keep it short, concise, and nonchalant

When you are about to organize an event – that too a hybrid event – you should make sure that it is not way too meticulous and boring. Of course, your event should have all the necessary key points included but it should not be lengthy and yawnsome for a live and physical audience. Some attendees lose their desire to be there anymore if the speaker/speakers start particularizing everything. People attending your event, either remotely or physically, should not feel uptight and overly controlled throughout, therefore, try to keep it a little airy.

It’s better to put multiple cameras at work

The optics must look great. If there’s only one camera in place, it might not be able to focus on every single participant of the panel. It is always better to show your hybrid corporate event from various angles – the attendees should remain interested in the event till it ends. Even if there is just one speaker at the helm of the whole event, that one person should be shown from different angles. Therefore, you must have a great camera setup.

Throw some questions the way of audience. Address those questions by the end of the session

See, an interactive audience is always more enticed than the audience limited to listening. When you are addressing an audience online, make sure they are all able to give their two bits and ask questions (if they have any). You don’t have to address their questions in the middle of the session, their questions can surely wait. Your speakers should be your primary focus during the event, when you get closer to ending the event only then you are obliged to answer all questions asked by the audience. If you are afraid of running short of time, you can ask your moderator to handpick only some of the questions.

Never forget to give a preview of the event

Having a great preview is really important, so to speak. Your audience potential needs to be enticed into watching and participating in the whole event. Prepare a handsome preview of your event with all the speakers’ names prominent in it. If the preview fails to impress the audience, your hybrid event might end up being a failure. Make it look as alluring as it can be, it will multiply the number of attendees attending your event.

The moderator should have a sense of humor, so to say

The person who is in charge of managing the stage should try to make it look like a lighthearted conversation between people excited to impart things they know. The guests you are inviting to your event are absolutely not obligated to make your audience laugh, each one of them is going to have a different style of expression, some of them might have a vivacious aura and some of them might lack it. Therefore, the responsibility to keep the audience interested in the event till the end lies on the tiny shoulders of your moderator.

Ask all the participants to promote the event on their social media handles

Ask everyone prepared to partake in the event to vocalize the event on social media. The more noise your team is going to make, the greater buzz your event is going to create. If possible, come up with a specific hashtag to promote your corporate event. Once people start noticing it, the news of your event will spread like wildfire and hence, more and more entries will start pouring in.

Rehearse and be sure you don’t exceed the timings

One of the biggest causes behind a badly managed event is, transcending the pre-decided timing. Many organizers miss out on this important point only to regret it, later on. In order to keep everything in place, you can do a rehearsal right before the event commences.

Managing a hybrid corporate event is quite a headache but you can make everything fall in place by hiring good event rentals Rockland NY and technical team.

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