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Tips For Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning involves the removal of smoke soot that has built up over time from the chimney chamber. Chimney is a vertical structure that gives ventilation to hot smoke from a fire place to go outside usually on the roof of a house. They are mostly found where there is constant fire production like the house heater, ships and locomotive trains.

The chimneys height also affects it’s capability to transport smoke or gases to the outside surroundings. This helps to expel dangerous and harmful chemicals at heights that will greatly reduce contact with humans. It is always good to have a very tall chimney to help reduce airborne pollutants to humans.

When is the best time to carryout chimney cleaning?

       There is no standard rule on when to clean your fire chimney. However, cleaning after one year of use is advisable. The issue is that creosote can be formed when wood is incompletely burnt. Highly smoked fire that lacks sufficient oxygen to burn wood completely will produce lots of smoke which gets attached to the walls of the chimney’s chamber. This buildup of sooth can cause chimney fire without signs. To prevent this, adequate provision of oxygen for complete combustion should be done.

You can check for creosote yourself. Make sure there is no down flow of air from inside of the chimney. If air in flow is felt, just open a window that is on the same level of the fire place until the inflow stops. Put on a face mask then take good touch light, get a poker and scratch the fire chamber to get small quantity of sooth or creosote. Put on your thumb and feel it, if it is thin like a paper, there is no need of cleaning the chimney. If sooth is very thick, please, don’t use the chimney until it is cleaned to avoid fire.

To search for creosote, you can shine the touch light at the top of the chimney. Then check the chamber’s flue. You will see creosote buildup, it will be very visible.

Chimney Sweeping

 Chimney sweeping is the cleaning of the fire chimney by a chimney sweep columbia md. A chimney sweep is a person whose job is to clean the chimney and make it free from soot or creosote. The chimney makes use of the difference in pressure from the hot block of gas to make a drought to draw air from the firewood or coal making combustion constant and progressive.

The creosote if left without cleaning can also lead to fireoutbreak. To avoid fire, the chimney needs to be swept as often as possible to remove the accumulated soot. The chimney sweeping has to be done by a certified chimney cleaner that is trained and knowledgeable about fire chimney.

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