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How To Protect Your Quartz Countertop From Heat

So one fine day, you were whipping up a generous serving of soup, and happen to receive a call during the cooking session. You mistakenly leave the scorching hot pan on your quartz kitchen countertop and go to receive that important call you needed to answer. After the next 20 minutes, you enter the kitchen surprised to see the pot of soup sitting over your cracked countertop.

You seem heart broken. What has just happened? You seem to question on the heat proof properties of your quartz countertop.

Well, before we answer your concerns, here’s a brief discussion on the properties of quartz and its heat enduring capacity.

Is Quartz Actually Heat Proof?

The answer is simple once you understand the composition of the precious stone.

Commercially assembled, quartz countertops are composed of 94% quartz and 6% polymer resins. The polymer resins impart durability to the stone, keep stains at bay and make the maintenance process easier.

The polymer resins also make it much more stronger and durable than granite and marble. The addition of polymers to countertops adds up as an additional layer of protection. This means that quartz countertops generally require fewer resealing every now and then.

Aside from all the good properties, quartz generally has a much lower heat threshold. The same polymers that impart strength to the stone, are also responsible for decreasing the heat tolerance. Polymers usually have a heat threshold of 150 degrees, which means you can get away with putting coffee and tea mugs on the counters, but a scorching pot of water or a searing hot pan is enough to leave burn marks on your precious tops.

What Is The Heat Threshold Of Quartz?

As we mentioned in the composition, quartz countertops have quartz mixed with polymer resins. The quartz alone has a threshold of up to 300 degrees, but the polymer resins have a mere 150 degrees of heat tolerance.

Since the polymers act as a glue in keeping the quartz stone together, the polymers are the first to burn or break down, eventually exposing the quartz to much higher temperatures, which ultimately leads to discoloration and breakage.

Due to rapid changes in temperature, the breakages could result in cracking and eventual disintegration of the countertop.

How To Prevent Heat Damage Of Your Quartz Countertops

While it’s not always possible to save your precious countertops from potential damage, here are some essential tips you should incorporate in your daily routine if you own a quartz counter.

Clean It Frequently

Once you’re done cooking in the kitchen, we encourage cleaning up the surfaces as soon as possible. Don’t let dirt and grime accumulate on your counters. With time, it can lead to a loss of durability of your countertop. We don’t mean anything fancy, just clean the counter with your normal lukewarm soapy solution with a microfiber cloth.

Using Table Pads And Trivets

When cooking or leaving the kitchen premises, please make sure to not place scorching hot pans directly on your quartz counter. Instead, place them on hot pads or kitchen trivets. These kitchen accessories are specifically designed to withstand the higher temperatures of the pans while protecting your counters. It’s an easy tip you can use on a daily basis to help prevent burns and discoloration from your countertops.

Don’t Forget Coasters

Now I’m not saying that your quartz countertops essentially have no heat tolerant properties, but I wouldn’t recommend testing them out either, that too frequently. To maintain your counters for the long run, placing coasters and hot plates underneath your tea and coffee cups can keep your counters brimming and spotless for the longest time.

Never Compromise On Quality

If you have noticed several burns and discolored patches all around your tops, even with all the necessary precautions, you need to look out for manufacturers that can provide you the best quality material that will last a long time. Also look up to your manufacturers about the composition of quartz to polymers that they use. A healthy discussion before investing can prove worthwhile.

As a conclusion, you may still experience a few burns and cracks here and there, as complete prevention is inevitable, but with these tips you won’t need to hire a countertop replacement NC expert for years.

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