How Do You Make Your Event Stage Look Good?

A great event is nothing without a great stage. It might simply come off as a platform for presenters but it has a lot more impact than you can imagine. It is a focal point that brings everything together from the event’s theme to the attention of the audience. This is also your best take on leaving an everlasting first and last impression and event production services try their best to ensure this. Here’s a guide on how you can make a stage look good for your event so it not only supports your goal but leaves everyone in a state of awe.

Finalize Your Event Theme

The first and most important factor that comes into play to make a stage look good for an event is the theme. Choosing the perfect theme might seem an interesting task but it should match the overall theme of the event. For instance, if you are hosting an event where people will come and talk about their life experiences, you would want a stage with enough space and professional lighting fixtures to help focus on the individual.

On the other hand, if you are organizing an event where different products and services will be introduced, you are going to need a far more grandeur event with detailed stage props, lighting effects, and appropriate branding. However, if you are discussing a serious matter such as climate change, you wouldn’t want disco lights introducing the presenter on stage.

Find The Right Event Venue

This is a common mistake made by event managers or organizers. To avoid spending some extra bit of time and money, they decide on a venue based on the first impression. A venue might either look too big or small if you are simply playing the guessing game.

You will need some statistics to make a calculated decision. First of all, consider the number of guests and the type of your event. Then, think about the space needed for the audio-visual equipment and other essential items. If you are hosting a gala dinner, you would want a stage that could hold multiple people and is easy to see and hear by the audience.

If the audience at the back can neither properly see nor hear the people on stage, it means the decision was wrong. To avoid such situations, you should have multiple options in hand. If possible, consult a friend, family, or a colleague for second suggestions. Sometimes, what you are not able to do is spotted by others helping you avoid a big mistake.

Keep Your Audience In Mind

Your audience is most likely the reason you are hosting the event in the first place. This means knowing their preferences, tastes, likes, and dislikes is essential. As an event organizer, it is your responsibility to check up on every guest and make sure their personal preferences are met.

Sometimes, guests tend to be shy about their requirements. However, if you were to approach them first, it would go a long way in terms of building a solid reputation. For instance, some people tend to be sensitive to lights or loud sound systems.

That said, you should give them a seat that keeps them comfortable and still allows them to enjoy the event without any difficulties. At the same time, if you are hosting a musical night, strobe lights might be a thing for young music lovers but the mature audience might find them distracting.

So, it’s always good to perform a short survey to understand their preferences before the event comes together.

Understand Your Event Goals

While building a stage and working for a perfect event, it is easy to get carried away and forget the basics such as the event goals. For example, if you are conducting a networking session, you will need to set up lounge areas or spaces where people can easily interact with each other.

With the right design, you might attract a lot of sponsors as well. This will give you enough opportunities to monetize the events. Therefore, if the main purpose of the event is to bring about a change in society or present innovation or technology, you will set up the stage accordingly.

Research Your Competition

Keeping a check on your competitors is not a bad practice. The event management world is very big and open to new ideas and innovations daily. Sometimes, if you feel stuck and do not have any idea of how to cater to a client’s strict demands, you can always reach out to your competitor and ask for help.

You do not necessarily need to copy them. The goal is to get an idea and throw some personal preferences and unique additions. Achieving a perfect balance of impression and purpose is not easy and possible every time. Therefore, you should strive to at least come as near as possible.


Technology like computers, mics, speakers, screens, etc., help pave the way for a successful event. It helps both the presenters on stage and the audience focus clearly on what is being presented. You should hire an AV equipment rental Maryland who can make sure the items are in a perfect condition and there are some items as backup as well.

Electronic devices can break down all of a sudden without any signs or symptoms. This is exactly why you need to be prepared. Anything could go wrong at any time and you should have an immediate replacement to avoid breaking the event’s rhythm.


Lighting is key to any and every type of event. Regardless of the type of theme you intend to build, without a proper lighting system, there is simply no use. The reason is that it is the lighting system that will help throw light on the most important aspects of the event.

The main purpose of the lighting system is to highlight not only the guest speakers but also any products or services being presented. Plus, the lighting system also helps the audience focus on the message being conveyed at the time. However, make sure the light isn’t too bright to discomfort the audience or the presenters.

It takes a matter of a few minutes in the event for the audience to get up and leave. You should avoid it at all costs.


If you are holding an event where people are planning to sit on stage, you are going to need some visually appealing and comfortable furniture. You will need to get a second opinion from the presenters as well. Some people like sitting on chairs while others prefer to be a bit more relaxed on couches or sofas.

However, make sure the furniture does not cover any screen or presentation materials as some guests might find it difficult to look past.


Designing a stage and making it look good requires a lot of planning and investing your time and effort. However, considering the tips mentioned above, you will have a head start and a guide to keep you in the right direction. If you still find things confusing, look around and get inspiration from what others are doing. And find an event production company MD that can design an impactful stage for your event.

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