Build a Basketball Body with This Basketball Workout Plan

In today’s competitive basketball game, the standard of athleticism has become supreme. Yes, many basketball players are god gifted, but if you also want to be an elite player, you need to follow a basketball training program. To compete with fit and active basketball players, you will also have to improve your strength, speed and vertical jump.

Get Ripped Like Pro Basketball Players

Professional players follow a rigorous workout plan to build sport specific body and the workout also helps in building the muscle mass. As a consequence, professional basketball players have ripped body. The athletic body not only helps professional players in performing well on the basketball court but also make them look incredibly good. You can also make ripped body like professional basketball players by following same workout routine.

How to Build a Basketball Body?

Strength Training

Include sport specific strength training in your workout regime. Strength training is a crucial component of basketball workout regime, as this training helps in building defined muscles. Key exercises used by professional basketball players are pull ups, pushups, cable single-arm row and dumbbell snatches.

Functional training

Perform functional training exercises. You can use equipment like tractor tires, sledgehammers, sandbags etc. to do functional training. These exercises can give you chiseled body like your favorite basketball player.

Power and speed training

Power and speed is really very important for basketball players. Include power and speed drills in your workout regime. These drills not only help in increasing stamina and endurances but also help in decreasing body fat. So, perform exercises like squat jumps, box jumps and cone drills using marking cones and agility ladders.

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises can increase the flexibility of your body. Stretching exercises will not only enhance your basketball skills but they will also increase your effectiveness of performing various exercises.

All the above mentioned exercises help you in getting body like the professional basketball players. However, before starting any workout routine, you should focus on burning your body fat first. By burning body fat, you can optimize your performance. And do not forget to pair this exercise routine with a healthy diet plan.

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