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How To Solve Alimony Disputes

Alimony is the number one dispute which arises in divorcing couples as told by American divorce attorneys. Dispute will be there where money and finances are involved. Dispute is not an issue but solving the matter is.

What Is An Alimony Dispute?

Before proceeding you should know what an alimony dispute actually is. It is spousal support. It is when one spouse gas to give finances on a monthly basis to their ex. The amount is dependent on a few factors:

  • The income of the paying spouse
  • The married lifestyle of the receiving spouse
  • Number of kids or other dependents
  • The job or earning of the receiving spouse

Types Of Alimony

There are generally three types of alimony requests:

  1. When a spouse requests for spousal support for managing divorce costs such as the attorney costs and court proceedings. This is mostly done because they are not divorced yet hence they demand for money.
  2. Second is rehabilitative alimony. In this one spouse demands spousal support just for the time being so they can fund a good earning job or secure their career.
  3. Last is long term alimony which is mostly demanded after a long term marriage. This is mostly due to one spouse becoming dependent on the other due to taking care of the kids and house and cannot now support themselves.

When one spouse requests alimony and the other does not want to pay or does not agree on the amount requested then disputes arise.

Causes Of Disputes

Now in this case it is not questionable why the disputes arise. The two parties are not on talking terms and might even hate each other, then why would one want to fulfill the expenses of their ex. Well, because it is ordered and once they were happily married. The disputes may arise due to below listed reasons:

  • When one or both parties contest the amount ordered by the law.
  • When the paying party wants to alter the paying amount or not want to pay at all.
  • When there is an issue of kids or other minors or dependents.
  • When the paying party tries to hide their assets or investments so that they do not have to pay more.
  • When one of the parties loses their job or is under financial distress.
  • When the receiving party tries to hide assets and valuables in order to receive more.
  • These are the major causes which lead to disputes.

Solving Alimony Disputes

There are two ways to settle or solve alimony disputes.

  • One is through hiring an attorney or a divorce mediator. The mediator or an attorney will charge you according to the time you take to settle things or how you visit them or take their advice or use up their time. They will charge you per hour or over a day or according to the complexity of your situation. Most family divorce attorneys solve these kinds of cases acting as a mediator in between and giving genuine suggestions and solutions to both the parties.
  • Another option is settlement through a judge or going to a court. The judge will hear both sides, look at factors from both the parties and the assets and earning power of both the parties and then make a decision according to legal laws. But these trials and court orders may use up a lot of your time and money. For a trial you will both have to hire a separate lawyer to fight the case and then you will both have to follow the decision made. Trial cases in court will take around 18 to 22 months for the actual divorce to take place.

It is not easy to fight cases in court as all aspects will be taken in front and it might make matters worse. Plus, by hiring a top rated divorce lawyer Fairfax VA and with other costs, you will lose a lot of money that you didn’t want to give as alimony to your ex-spouse so that will be another loss. Be fair and give what you can. And if the other spouse is doing you wrong, you do have the right to fight over that, but again it would cost you money. So, make up your mind before jumping into the battle.

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