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Divorce Due To Domestic Violence – What You Should Know

Domestic violence is a serious issue and one out of five women face domestic violence in every state and in every country. It should not be ignored, you, yourself, your self-esteem, your respect and your safety come first. Violence should not be tolerated whether it is physical, mental, emotional or financial. Many people hide domestic violence and tolerate everything quietly because they think that if they will tell, it will lead to a raging outburst from their partner. If you are facing domestic violence then firstly discuss everything with your family attorney and then you can go for divorce.

What Is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is a vast term. It is not only defined as hitting or slapping your spouse but it includes a range of verbal and physical actions. It includes physical abuse such as hitting, choking, strangling, burning and other physical ways to hurt and torture.

It also includes mental and emotional abuse which means damaging your self-respect, degrading you and insulting you. Emotional abuse includes calling bad names, making fun, shouting, scaring, threatening to kill you or torture, insulting your siblings and family, manipulating children against you, controlling you by ordering you what you can do and what you cannot, yelling and causing emotional stress by belittling whatever you say.

Thirdly, it includes financial abuse by not giving money to buy your necessities and other stuff, not allowing you to work or earn for yourself, hiding any sort of asset and money and also causing debt in the victim’s name.

What To Do In Case Of Domestic Abuse?

Facing domestic abuse is not easy, in fact it can destroy a person to an extreme extent. The victim can face mental trauma, mental disorders, leading one’s ego and confidence, depression, anxiety, and sometimes, sleep disorders. In this case your safety is the first thing that should matter.

If you want to file for a divorce but are scared to go about it because of your spouse then before you lose yourself completely or it gets too late, you need to run away from there.

  • Firstly, pour your heart out to a loved one and take refuge in their house. It could be a parent, a sibling, a relative or a friend.
  • If you are scared that the spouse will abuse you in your loved one’s house then you should call the police.
  • Discuss the possible outcomes and solutions on how to go about a divorce.
  • Take refuge or protection in a law enforcement home or place where the private NGOs will protect you and your rights as well.
  • Search for a shelter for you and your children after the divorce takes place.

Many states allow only at-fault divorce. In this you need to file for a divorce stating the reason for the divorce and domestic abuse is a big reason enough. Many states have laws which are beneficial for the victim in case of domestic abuse. The court gives the victim an upper hand and also benefits in the division of financial assets.

Divorce Due to Domestic Abuse

Many times, when the victim files for a divorce in the court, she is scared of further extensive abuse by the abuser or the spouse. Naturally the abuser is out in the open and he may be detained by the court for abusing. In such cases you will have to look at the laws of the country. Most laws will take the following measures:

  • Provide protection to the victim by issuing a protective order which includes a heavy fine or detainment in case the abuser attacks or tries to attack the victim.
  • Financial benefits to the victim.
  • Case in favor of the victim.
  • Child custody provided to the victim as the abuser may abuse the child later on or use the child as a way to torture the victim after the divorce.
  • Taking proofs and all the documents stating abuse by the victim.

Final Words

These cases are usually difficult and should be handled by top rated divorce lawyers Fairfax VA. You can search for divorce lawyers on internet and social media. However, you should also ask for advice from someone near you who recently had divorce. Their experience can be precious for you at this time.

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