7 Common Questions People Ask About SUV Window Tinting

Car window tints have become an important addition due to several reasons. While some people try to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays, others want privacy and security. However, there is a legal factor attached to auto glass tinting as well and some states have strict regulations overlooking the installation of tints. If you want to get your SUV windows tinted, you may have some questions that need to be answered. So, let’s discuss some common questions and see why tinting can be a feasible option for you.

Are tints legal?

The first question that people ask about car window tinting is if they are legal. As mentioned earlier, some states have rules & regulations regarding the percentage of the tints. In some states, the legal tint percentage of the front side windows is different from that of back side windows.

Moreover, if you have a medical condition or security reasons, you can apply for a permit. A permit allows you to install dark tints without the local authorities stopping you at every traffic light. Before tinting your car or SUV windows, you must become familiar with the tinting laws.

Even if you have a medical condition or a security concern and you do not possess a permit, the local authorities can impound your vehicle or pose a heavy fine. This is why you should make sure to cover all the legal paperwork before tinting your SUV.

How long does it take to install tint films?

The vehicle window tinting process is fairly simple. It takes place in multiple stages, but it should always be done by an expert. Generally, the installation process takes a few hours depending on the weather conditions. Window tints should always be installed in a covered area free of dirt and dust.

Plus, the curing process takes longer in cold temperatures than in warm temperatures. Keep in mind that the duration of the installation process also depends on the skills and expertise of the installer. If you opt for someone who does not know how to do their job, you should not only expect the entire day to be wasted but a poor installation job as well.

The lifespan of the window tints depends directly on the installation process. If done by a professional, window tints can last several years before needing a replacement.

Can tints be installed at home?

Yes, window tints can be installed at home considering you have the appropriate skills, tools, and products to do so. Part of installing tints requires you to properly clean the windows making sure they are completely dirt and dust-free. These factors tend to be the biggest enemies of the tints and directly impact the lifespan.

Moreover, if you plan on installing the tints yourself, know that there is a chance of bubbling. If you observe bubbles forming in the tints, it means the tints will need to be replaced. While small bubbles are normal, but large ones mean the job was not performed properly.

In addition to that, the tints also need some time to cure. The curing process is the final stage where the tints are given some time to adhere properly to the windows. Experts use a UV ray machine that helps speed up the process. You can use a hair dryer if you can give it some time.

Are expert services expensive?

Window tint installation can be an expensive process depending on the type of vehicle. SUVs are slightly complicated to tackle as the windows are bigger and take more time and effort than regular sedans. Furthermore, a major chunk of the total cost is shared by the window tints.

If you opt for good quality tints like ceramic window tints, you will have to pay relatively more. This is because ceramic window tints offer benefits that other types of tints don’t and last a sufficient amount of time. Moreover, ceramic window tints also come with a warranty and guarantee by the experts in case something goes wrong in the future.

What are the benefits of tinting your SUV windows?

There are several benefits of tinting windows. To begin with, tints help protect your skin from direct contact with the sun. Constant exposure to the sun can lead to chronic health and skin problems like skin cancer. Installing window tints will help break the contact and protect you from harmful effects.

Plus, tinting the windows also helps protect the interior of the SUV. It is quite easy for the interior finish to fade as the vehicle is directly parked under the sun. Moreover, if you are a private person or carry expensive belongings or items in your vehicle, window tints can help prevent prying eyes.

Do tints require maintenance?

It is a common misconception that once tints are installed, you do not need to maintain the windows, particularly the windows. Window tints are the same as applying a paint protection film Springfield to the vehicle. This does not mean that you neglect the vehicle just because a film is protecting it, while layers of dirt and dust accumulate on it.

If that is the case, your tints and paint protection film will weaken and call for a replacement leaving you in utter shock. You might blame the installer for it but at the end of the day, it is going to be your fault. Dirt and dust can make its way through minor gaps and holes, causing tints to peel off.

At the same time, the color might fade away as well which will not only weaken the properties but also ruin the finish. In this case, you will need to replace the tints. To avoid such a situation, you should invest in proper tools and skills to keep them dirt and dust-free.

Maintaining the SUV window tints is very easy considering you are willing to put in a few minutes’ worth of work every other day.

How much does it cost to tint your SUV windows?

The total cost of the window installation process will depend on several factors such as the type of vehicle, tints, and the condition of the windows. If the windows are in bad shape in terms of dirt and dust accumulation, the expert will have to put in relatively more time and effort, which will increase the labor cost.

On the other hand, the cost of the tints may also vary based on the brand or the manufacturer. Expensive and good-quality tints come with lifetime warranty and guarantees in some cases that help protect your investment. So, you might think it is an expense at the time of installation but will go a long way in terms of keeping you and your vehicle protected.


Car window tinting questions help you pick the right installer and type of tints. The above-mentioned questions are sure to guide you in making an informed decision. Plus, make sure to consult an expert to understand the entire installation process. And, do not compromise on the quality of the tints and the installation services of window tint shops Springfield. Opting for cheap services will only add to the troubles while good quality services and tints will come off as investments down the road.

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