RV Air Conditioner Repair and Troubleshooting

Energy efficient air conditioning is found on almost all RV, for their quite little sizes, RV AC is extremely powerful. With small repairs and an alert eye, though, you can get the best life out of your ACand, finally, save the best amount of cash from doing so.

RV air conditioner maintenance

Air filters

It is remarkable to clean your RV air conditioners air filters every two or four weeks depending on how often you are running it. If you are not careful in cleaning your air filters you will reduce air flow and not get the cooling you need on a warm day. If you reject your air filters for a high period of time without rightly clean-up them you will run the danger of needing a costly cleaning by an RV professional.

Condenser fins

Condenser fins are truly something you should reject messing with, but it is best to know a pretty about them so you can know what to look when maintenance your AC. If the condenser fins are extremely dirty, get rid of the filter on the indoor of the ceiling. Get a perfect LED light and pay an attention to the condenser fins, they should be perfect and clear. It would the best technique to call RV air conditioner repair if they are looking bad. You truly have to be alert not to destroy these fins when they are being cleaned.

Condenser coils

Clean the outside condenser coils as required. This is not a compulsory maintenance concern. If you hesitate about batteries then hesitate about your condenser coils. But if you experience the need it is good enough them dirt free with compressed air.

The coil is placed at the back of the air conditioner unit and can be accessed from the outside on the roof. You can blow out any trash which may have gathered on the coil with an air pressure. Because the air conditioner fan pulls air in via the back of the coil and throws it from the areas of the shroud, it is remarkable to blow dense air via the coil from the inside out. You may also wash this coil with hot water if you pick to do so.

Each air conditioner unit has a pan to get the water as an outcome of condensation and directs the water out on the to the RV roof via a little house. Some of these drains on the pans have a little opening and can be simply blocked causing the water to leak into the RV. The holes can be washed out with a wire watchfully and blown clear the air.

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