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Why Did My Refrigerator Stop Working After I Moved It

Moving a refrigerator is a daunting task but the fridge failing to turn on is even worse. Some people believe that refrigerators are designed to function just as when they are turned on but that is not the case. If you are having trouble running your refrigerator after moving it, consult appliance repair services or read on to know how you can fix it.

What Position Was The Refrigerator Transported In Or Moved?

The first thing you need to consider while troubleshooting a refrigerator that fails to run after moving it is the position it was transported in or moved. It might be that you have recently purchased a new house and are moving your belongings.

Therefore, the transportation company might have transported it in a particular position to keep it safe and secure. Knowing the position might help you solve the issue. Even though the preferred moving position of a refrigertaor is vertical, just the way it stood in your house, sometimes it isn’t possible.

If the unit has been in any other position other than vertical, you should take photos and expect the unit to take a while before it runs normally. Snapping some photos will also help you keep a record in case any issues arise in the future.

If your refrigerator was positioned on its back, it might be that some components got misaligned or damaged during the process. The same is the case with you moving it on your own. Since refrigerators are heavy items, the constant push and pull action can sometimes disturb the internal components.

You Might Have Plugged It In Too Soon

If you observe that your refrigerator is not working the way it is supposed to, you might have plugged it in too soon. If the unit was transported in an awkward position, you should let it sit vertically for a while and then plug it in. The vibration and constant jolting of the internal components might influence its operation temporarily.

Therefore, let it sit for a while and try turning on the refrigerator. It might take a while but you will eventually get your unit running normally.

Problem With Power Supply

Assuming that you have moved your refrigerator, you plug it in a socket and notice it fails to turn on. In such a case, you will first need to ensure that the freezer is receiving power. It may sound silly but sometimes the problems are as minor as these.

It might be that the socket in the newly shifted area does not work properly. Therefore, the refrigerator will not run the way it is supposed to. You can test the socket by plugging the unit into another socket. However, if the socket seems to be okay but the unit is still not running, what then? In this case, you can suspect a compressor problem.

It might be that the compressor oil got into the cooling tubes and as a result, will not run until the oil drains. This is not necessarily a negative thing. Newer refrigerators are equipped with such safety features to prevent damage. Therefore, after moving the unit, allow it to sit for a few hours and then try plugging in.

Refrigerator Was Allowed To Sit But Still Won’t Start

If you have allowed the refrigerator to sit for a few hours and it still does not turn on, you are probably dealing with an electric issue. To fix the issue, you will need to check the circuit breaker along with the outlet. You might come across a blown fuse that will need replacement.

But before you do that, try plugging the unit into another outlet. If you are still not getting power, it means there is surely a power issue. It could be anything from a bad switch or relay to a bad control board.

Final Word

When it comes to moving a freezer, you should know the right way of doing it. This prevents expensive internal replacements or damage. For better awareness, consult the user’s manual and follow the instructions to keep the unit protected and secure during the move. To avoid problems, hire a refrigerator repair Northern VA technician to inspect your fridge and suggest repairs.

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