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Why Is My Fridge And Freezer Not Getting Cold Enough

A refrigerator is designed to protect things from rotting. May it be meat or vegetables, every household needs a fridge and freezer to keep things in their fresh state. However, with time dirt and dust can prevent the unit from functioning properly or there could be other reasons that limit its cooling capacity which can be inspected by an appliance repair technician. So, let’s take a look at why your fridge and freezer might not be cooling properly.

Check For Leakage

If you have an old unit, it might be that the cold air is escaping. This is mostly due to seals that wear and crack over time. The escape of cold air puts pressure on the compressor to produce more cool air, which reduces its life and increases the energy costs.

If you are someone who is not familiar with these things, determining the cause of the fridge leakage might be difficult. Leaks are usually very minor and you need to inspect the right areas to find out the problem. In such cases, you should call a professional if the leakage is giving you a hard time.

Check The Compressor

The compressor is probably the most expensive and important part of the unit after the condenser coils. It plays an important role in producing cool air. Compressors tend to be durable components but with time they can become defective as well.

A defective compressor will not produce cool air and will only increase electricity consumption. Upon the compressor turning on, you should hear a ticking noise. If you don’t it means that something is wrong. Plus, if you open the door and are welcomed to a rotting smell, it means something is not working the way it should.

Check For Frost

Since the fridge and freezer are designed to produce ice as well, it is no surprise that frost will block certain areas including the drain. Not defrosting the fridge reduces its efficiency. At some point, the unit will feel congested and it is important that you defrost it at least once a month.

Once the ice has defrosted, you should also clean the inside of the unit and clear the drain pipes as well. This will ensure that nothing is blocking the exit area. Moreover, inspect the pipes for any cracks or damage.

Faulty Temperature Sensors

Faulty temperature sensors are one of the most common culprits when it comes to fridge and freezer units not cooling properly. It can also be that the temperature sensors need calibration. A temperature sensor as the term suggests is designed to maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator.

The temperature sensors work in a team to maintain the temperature of the unit. If any of them happens to become defective, others will fail to perform. As a result, the inside temperature will most probably fall. Replacing the temperature sensor is a complicated job and only professionals should do it. If there is a difference in temperature post-replacing, the specialist will calibrate the sensors as well as the thermostat.

Check The Gas

Fridge and freezer units like air conditioners utilize gas to produce cool air. Sometimes due to cracks and wear, the gas tends to leak, not allowing the compressor to produce cool air. In such a case, you should consult the user’s manual about the gas specified by the manufacturer.

Do not go for any other type as it might damage the compressor and other components. Each manufacturer recommends a different type depending on the compressor type. If there is a cracked pipe, you will need to replace it and then fill the gas.

Maintaining The Fridge And Freezer

Maintaining the refrigerator and freezer like other kitchen appliances is important to ensure efficiency and performance. You should perform regular inspections to make sure there are no damages or cracks and keep an eye for unusual sounds as well.

Final Word

Concluding, the fridge and freezer units tend to be expensive. The only way to ensure that they are worth your investment is by performing regular maintenance and immediately replacing or repairing anything that might offset other components by hiring a refrigerator repair Springfield service. Otherwise, you will find yourself splashing out money for another unit soon.

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