How To Make Your Restaurant Appliances Maintenance Plan

Restaurants are busy places. Packed with crowds, they work round the clock to prepare orders and serve on time. Much of what we see on the front is a result of what is going behind the scenes. A good restaurant differentiates itself from other average restaurants based on its quality and maintenance. Some restaurants may ignore regular maintenance and commercial appliances repairs, but in the long run, it is going to cost them. Since every second counts, a restaurant cannot afford to have one of its appliances breaking down during a busy day. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss how to make a restaurant appliances maintenance plan so that the operation runs smoothly.

Clean The Equipment

Kitchens of restaurants are full of oils and sticky substances. Over time, dust can accumulate and build up on appliances, which can cause them to break down much sooner. To prevent such a scenario, your system should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. Furthermore, you should ask a professional to visit your restaurant and check everything. The professional will look for worn parts before a system failure takes place. If a unit is clean, there are fewer chances of a breakdown. In the long-run, you will not be facing any expensive repairs or breakdowns.

Repair Broken Parts

Restaurants usually wait for a unit to completely breakdown instead of getting it fixed as soon as it starts making unusual noises. Most often, it is thought that noise will disappear by itself. Yes, it does along with the unit itself because it simply shuts down. Therefore, staying on top of repairs and fixes will keep your restaurant appliances running for years in the future.

Hood, Vent, And Duct Cleaning

You know what they say ‘First impression is the last impression’. This is particularly true in the case of restaurants. What if a customer walks into the kitchen and observes the hoods, vents, and ducks covered with black tar-like substance? Most likely the customer will turn around and will never like to visit the restaurant again. Believe it or not, people really are conscious of such things. You should contact a qualified service to get the grease removed at least every six months. If not that, at least tell the staff to regularly clean the visible parts.

Deep Fat Fryer Inspection

More than half of kitchen accidents are a result of ignoring Deep Fat Fryer Inspection. Every Deep Fat Fryer comes with manufacturer recommendations regarding when and how it should be cleaned. If the manufacturer recommends that it should be cleaned daily, then you better believe that. Moreover, you will need to get your commercial fryer inspected by a qualified commercial cooking equipment contractor who will check for any potential hazards or threats to untrained staff.

Create A Maintenance Schedule

Every kitchen appliance requires maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. While purchasing a unit, keep a record of when it will be requiring maintenance next. Tell your staff members to take up responsibility for maintaining appliances they use daily. One individual cannot manage all. Furthermore, create a schedule, mentioning what needs to be cleaned and when. Then, check whether the appliances are being maintained or not.

Reason To Create A Maintenance Schedule


Restaurant appliances are expensive and the repairs do not come cheap as well. Regular check-ups and maintenance will help you prevent things from breaking down much earlier. Overlooking and ignoring regular maintenance will not only affect your budget but also waste precious time.

Maintains The Flow Of The Operations

Maintaining the flow of operations is important. You neither have the time nor enough excuses to cover late servings and deliveries. If the appliances are on the verge of breaking down, the food operation will become slow and you will lose both customers and sales. Therefore, a maintenance schedule will keep things in order and make you aware of anything that might potentially halt the operations later.

Final Word

Maintaining restaurant appliances should not have to be a daunting task if it was to follow a maintenance schedule. The maintenance of appliances is not only to improve the life of units but also to prevent life-threatening situations. Be vigilant and keep an eye out for anything be it the refrigerator or commercial ice maker repair Fairfax, take care of it immediately.

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