Preparing yourself for the election day

So, the 2020 Election is your first one and you are constantly checking Trump vs. Biden polls. Clearly, you are very excited. However, nobody would want to face unexpected circumstances on the very day of the election.

In case you are passionate about your support for Trump or Biden, you would want to be prepared for the election beforehand. It would certainly also help if you are familiarized with ballots. This way, you will not have to deal with unexpected surprises.

How to prepare yourself for 2020 Election day?

In this article, we put together several things that you should do to prepare yourself for the 2020 election day. These include:

Get Registered

Literally the very first thing that you need to do is to get yourself registered for the vote. In case you have recently moved, then you better check your status of registration. In a big number of states including Washington DC, it is possible for you to check it online.

Furthermore, also keep the deadlines in mind. While In some states, you can register until the election day, others require you to register much earlier.

Registering with a political party

In case you want to vote in a party’s primary, then you can always get yourself registered with that political party. However, the rules for that will be different in every state.

For instance, in the ‘closed primary’ states, you must first get a political party registration in order to vote in its primary. However, in other states, you can vote any party in the primary regardless of your registration status with any party.

So, before the voting day, do check what the rules are for your particular state and the primary. Though the safest method is to choose the party during the voter registration if you want to vote in that party’s primary.

What to bring?

In some states, it is possible to vote without our identity card. However, other states will ask you to bring some sort of identification with you. Of course, you can find information regarding this by consulting your local authorities.

Furthermore, a quick Google search will also help you out. Sometimes, documents such as a valid driver’s license may be enough. Though, some states will ask you to show your valid identity card. It will vary from state to state.

But generally, ask beforehand and keep your documents ready beforehand in order to avoid any unexpected issues on the voting day.

Early voting or voting by mail

Do you want to avoid lengthy lines on the day of the election? There are some states that conduct elections by mail alone. These include Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

However, other states may have their poling places open even before the election day. So, check if there is option for early voting in your area if you want to avoid the lines.

Though, voting by mail may not give you the unique experience or sense of patriotism that you would be craving as a first timer.

Type of voting machine

Voting machines can be different and vary from state to state. Knowing the one that you will be dealing with can help you prepare yourself beforehand. So, consider that also a little.


By simply following the above-mentioned advice, you can remove most of your concerns. Still, if anything else crosses your mind, prepare for that too so that you can have a seamless election day experience.

For your general knowledge, do check the polls in your area. For instance, if you are in Michigan, look at the Trump vs. Biden Michigan polls to know the current statuses.

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