Best Tools Used For Moving Heavy Machinery

Moving companies are dedicated to the purpose of heavy machinery moving between offices, houses and construction sites. Some heavy items are really difficult to move around due to their weight and size.

However, heavy machinery can easily move heavy items around. Here are some of the mostly used moving tools used to move heavy machinery, furniture and appliances around.


Forklift comes in handy when you are looking to move heavy equipment or stuff around. Basically, a forklift is used to move heavy things around within a short distance.

You cannot use the forklift to transport heavy machinery from one place to the other, but it can be used to load different parts of the machinery onto a truck, which can then take it to the desired location. Forklift is also a perfect option to use if you want to move machinery around within the same building.

Roller Skids

Roller skids look like skates, but with the exception that they are bolted to the heavy machinery. You can use a forklift to pick up the heavy machinery and bolt roller skids while it is lifted up in the air. After this, the machinery can be lowered and removed from the forklift, and roller skids will help in moving the machinery around

You can buy roller skids easily from a reputable manufacturer. Roller skids can bear up to 35k pounds or even more depending on their quality. However, these can be expensive to buy as compared to simply hiring a professional rental company for the job.

Toe Jacks

Toe jacks can be used as an alternative to forklifts. You can lift up heavy machinery with the help of the jack and slide roller skids underneath for moving those machinery parts around easily.

Toe jacks are more powerful as compared to forklifts, and they operate in a different way as well. Toe jacks operate in the same way as a car jack, and use a hydraulic system and a lever to pick up heavy things from their corners. The swivel feature included in some toe jacks make it easier to place your equipment in the right place.

Toe jacks are more suitable for picking heavier items since they can be used with both low and high clearance. They can lift up to 60 tons, and you can use multiple toe jacks in some situations as well.

Air Bearings

Air bearings are mostly used by moving companies to move equipment with weight in tons. In this system, an inflatable platform connected with an air pumping system is used to inflate the air bearing. This air pressure eventually makes the thing float in the air, and thus can easily be moved across the floor.

Air bearings are best used with machinery that has an uneven weight.


Long bed trucks are not suitable for every type of machinery, appliances and furniture. If you ever need to move around heavy equipment over long distances, you will have to use a flatbed or a moving truck with tie downs.

To move heavy equipment, you must only hire professionals that have years of experience of working in this field. If heavy equipment is lifted without proper safety measures, it can be damaged, and might cause serious injuries. That is why you should only hire a top level moving company to move your heavy equipment around.


Wheels always make moving things around a lot easier. That is why you should also use tools like skates to move heavy equipment around. Machine skates have a square or rectangular flat surface with wheels in all of its corners. Skates can be conveniently placed under heavy equipment to help move that equipment around without actually picking it up. You can even invest in steerable skates that are easier to use.

Lift Buddy

Lift buddy is also one of the best things that you can use to pick up somewhat heavy equipment and place skates or roller skids under it.

You can use a lift buddy as a jack to pick up one corner of the heavy thing with your hand, and use the second hand to slide the skates or roller skids under that corner. You can also ask someone for assistance. Look for heavy equipment movers DC to make things easier.

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