Stop playing video games, Start playing basketball!

All children should play sports like basketball. The basketball lessons not only provide physical strength but also give psychological boost. Nowadays, children are under the captivation of video games, computer games and mobile games. These games are making them lazy, introvert and obese. Children who play outdoor sports stay active and are more likely to find a way to be physically fit as adults. And the psychological benefits of basketball are numerous.

Outdoor sports Vs Computer games

Through basketball your child can gain confidence. When a child learns about making layups in basketball that’s been hit, it gives a sense of accomplishment that pushes them to try again. It is not possible to feel that accomplishment through thousands of digital games. On the other hand, there are many adverse effects of video games on young brain, such as-

  • Video games can make your child aggressive
  • Mobile games are not good for eyes
  • Computer games can make your child lazy
  • Too much video gaming can isolate your kid from society
  • Some video games even teach wrong values
  • Video games can confuse kids between real world and fantasy world
  • Digital games can affect the academics of your kids
  • While playing online, your kid might pick wrong language
  • Video games can make your child addictive of gaming

If your child is a video game addict and you don’t like it, you should probably find a basketball camp for him or her. Basketball camp can take them to the new world and this world will be far better than their fantasy world. Basketball is an interesting sport and it has the capability of diverting kid’s attention. After a few days your kids will start loving this sport.

Benefits of playing basketball

  • Basketball is really very good for overall fitness
  • Basketball helps in physical and mental development of kids
  • Basketball develops problem solving skills in kids
  • Basketball makes kids agile and smart
  • Basketball teach the importance of team spirit
  • Basketball helps in improving balance and coordination

Summer is the best time for joining basketball camps. You can find many benefits of playing basketball.

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