Every Basketball Dribbling Move That You Should Know About

The importance of dribbling cannot be overstated. Every basketball coach knows the value of good dribbling skill. It does not matter whether you are a basketball beginner, expert or play professional basketball, dribbling is and always will be the most important skill of the basketball. With good dribbling talent, the remaining skills such as shooting and passing become easy for you because the basketball is always where you want it.

Basketball Dribbling Tricks

In order to learn basketball dribbling tricks, all you need is a little bit creativity and a lot of practice. One great thing about learning dribbling tricks is that you can practice them at home! Just give your 10 to 15 minutes and observe the huge improvements on the court.

Dribbling Tricks

Here they are, 5 easy basketball dribbling tricks:

The behind the back quick crossover

This ball handling trick is amazingly cool, if you do it right. Start ball with either hand and instead of crossing the ball in front of you; bounce the ball behind your back using your opposite hand. This trick will totally change the direction of the basketball and aback your opponent.

The taps

The taps trick might look cool, but it is not easy to do this trick. All it involves is dribbling of the ball very close to the ground at a very fast pace. The trick is to provide the taps to normal dribbling moves to baffle the opponents. You can use your fingertips, to bounce the basketball at faster pace.

The knee bounce

Knee bounce is like having a third hand while dribbling the ball. You need to practice a lot to learn this particular trick. Use your knees to bounce the ball.

The reverse figure four

Bring the ball through your legs from behind, and cross back over and through your legs from behind. By doing this you can really confuse the defender. In order to do this trick in the live game, you need strong command over this trick.

If you want to improve your dribbling skills, you can join basketball skill camps to learn all the tips and tricks of dribbling.

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