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What are handmade rugs and how to buy them?

Each product falling under the category of handmade rugs is unique. Determining whether the rug is handmade or machine made is difficult. Only a knowledgeable professional can let you know about it. When anyone redecorates a home, a lot many things like lighting solution, the wall color, the furniture style, etc, needs to be considered.

In the realm of interior deigning, you cannot ignore a traditional and handmade rug for your floors. A rug can create endless possibilities for you since it is stylish, functional and fashionable option. A good quality rug will appear beautiful and beautify the area. It will last for many years and protect your floors. It will prevent the loss of heat from the surface and absorb noise from the space. As the name suggests, a handmade rug is made from hands and the maker applies his craftsmanship.

The huge demand for handmade rug

Although it may appear tempting to buy machine made rug due to easy price rate but you must consider a handmade one. The generic and machine made rug item will not be that much unique. Following are the reasons of its massive demand:

  • Each of the handmade pieces is unique that adds charm to the space.
  • It informs the viewers that your chosen rug is handmade and unique.
  • The resale value of the handmade piece is far more than a machine made. It is wise and ethical to procure a handmade rug.
  • A handmade rug includes animal skin and other natural material. Sheepskin, goat and cow skin are popular choices.
  • It is great for areas that experience heavy traffic. The durable and long lasting rug protects your floor from wear and tear.

Buying the handmade rug

Only professionals can determine whether the rug is handmade or machine made. Following are the considerations:

  • Price is the number one factor. If the price is more, it is handmade. It is time consuming and a lot difficult to weave a handmade rug and thus it is costly.
  • If it is authentic and handmade, the color shade will be more natural and earthy. Vegetable dyes are used for making it.
  • Designs will be traditional and can be traced back to its very place to birth.
  • Knots will be perfect just like the weaving.

Visit your nearest antique rug store Virginia to avail a rug as per the interiors. To add a touch of class, you must consider buying only a handmade rug.

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