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Signs when you Need Chimney Repairs

A chimney repair would include chimney cleaning, chimney brick repair, flue tile repair, crown repair or replacement, damaged wallpaper repair and repairing damaged mortar joints. Chimney repair is required often when a chimney repairing professional or a maintenance company notices signs of repairs. If you are working on your chimney maintenance by yourself, you should lookout for various signs of damage and their underlying cause and get them repaired. It is not advisable generally to continue working with a damaged chimney or its parts.

Signs of Chimney Damage

Damaged Bricks

Often, chimney bricks would pop out, or you can notice broken bricks over a period of time. This happens due to water entrance or salty water and high heat pressure on the bricks of chimney. If not repaired on time then the issue would cause further crumbling of the chimney structure. One can do simple brick repair or replacement and remove the damage parts from the structure and fix new bricks in the area to stop further damage. Professional help can also be taken to solve the issue.

Mortar Joints Damaged

Mortar joints or the joints of cement and other materials that join bricks of chimney with each other tend to wear out. It would require a rooftop vantage point to spot this damage. It is advised to immediately address this issue. If this is allowed to stay for a long duration without repair, water from the weary joints would enter in bricks and moistening them further. This condition exposes the bricks to moisture and the chimney may even collapse if continued this way for long. If not a complete collapse there would be significant rise in the issues of the chimney.

Damaged or Cracked Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is the first and top most cover of the chimney. A rooftop visit would be required to spot this issue. Chimney crown guards chimney against external weather conditions. If chimney crown is damaged, frost and moisture would enter in chimney. The moisture that enters in chimney would cause shelling and cracks in the structure. Hiring a chimney roofing contractor would help you to identify and deal with the issue. When the professionals are repairing the crown of the chimney, it is advised to get a weather proofing done to avoid re-occurrence of such issues again. You should get crown weather-proofing or complete chimney weather-proofing to keep chimney safe from cracks and damages.

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