Top four tips to get salon quality hair dyeing at home

Many people do not have the patience to sit in a hair salon for three entire hours to get their hair colored. After realizing that it is not difficult to copy off a treatment that looks professional, people set about perfecting their hair coloring techniques. On the other hand, beginners take help from a hair color correction specialist because they are often anxious about messing things up. While in the beginning, hair coloring at home may look like nothing but a disaster plan, it can be quite easy if you follow the steps right.

Top 4 tips to dye your hair at home

In this article, we present a number of tips that you can use to color your hair at home. This will save you a lot of money and time. Generally, you may be able to save anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes.

In case you experience an allergic reaction, reach out to a doctor immediately.

Do not go for big changes

The first and most important tip that we have is, that do not go for big changes when you are dyeing your own hair. In case you want to use more than three shades, it is better to see a specialist. Otherwise, consider yourself in for a probable disaster.

Where you sometimes need a light base in order to lighten your hair, you can get patchy color in case you try to go extremely dark.

Prepare your hair properly

Hair color works the best on dirty hair. This is primarily because dirty hair does not have any slippery conditioner on them. Hence, it is totally okay to color your hair after 24 or 48 hours have passed since your last hair wash. This allows the hair color to penetrate better and to stay on the strands resulting in better results. In case you already have hair extensions, consult with your specialist first.

Moreover, it is important to always begin coloring your hair combed in your usual hairstyle. This way, you will be able to perfectly apply the color on the top before you move the lower layers.

Also, do not forget to change into an old button-up shirt. The prime benefit of a button-up shirt is that you do not need to pull it over your head when you have to rinse.

Gathering the necessary tools

In case you do not have the necessary tools, gather them all first. Here are some things that you may need for hair dyeing.

Plastic gloves

Usually, plastic gloves come along with the hair color box attached inside

Petroleum jelly

Rub some of it on your hairline in order to prevent skin staining. Alternatively, a thick lotion also works.


You can use any kind of comb obtained from your local store

A hairdresser clip

These are the clops that hairdressers use to hold the hair in place when styling. You can get a pack for as less as $2 from any supermarket or a beauty supply store. The prime benefit of these clips is that they allow you to saturate some sections before moving ahead.

The correct shade

Many beginners visit the store and grab a box of just any color. This is a big mistake as it can ruin your entire look. Instead of that, take your time and visit a bigger store in order to have a larger variety of shades to choose from.

Moreover, always go for reputable brands because they tend to have higher quality products that are easy to handle.

Remember that there is a very less chance that your hair will end up looking just like the model posing on the packaging. This is because your current hair color, skin tone, and hair thickness can affect how your hair will finally look. This can often lead to unpredictable and unexpected results. In order to figure out what type of shade is perfect for you, visit a hair color correction hair salon Rockville.



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