Should I Replace Or Repair Commercial Equipment Of My Restaurant

Restaurants these days rely heavily on equipment to carry on their normal functionality. But since the equipment faces heavy abuse on a daily basis, it is completely normal for some prices to break down if not maintained properly. Restaurant equipment repairs can often cost a fortune. The cost of repair generally leaves you with two options. You can either get the equipment repaired or replaced. However, this decision isn’t an easy one to take as many factors are to be considered in this process. If your steamer breaks down, should you go for commercial steamer repair or a total replacement?

No matter what you intimate goal should be to make sure you take the step that’ll prove to be a better one for your business in the long run.

When to Think About Replacement

The biggest factor that needs to be considered here is the actual age of your equipment. As going too much above the recommended age of your equipment would increase the chances of it breaking down more frequently. But the fact is that every piece of equipment has its very own recommended life span.

The average recommended life span for most of the equipment used in restaurant kitchens is 10 years. But some equipment even have shorter life spans. After this time, you’ll need to replace your equipment to avoid the heavy repair costs and decreased overall performance. However, many experts don’t consider recommended age as a good indicator of when you should get your equipment replaced, as some equipment lasts far more than its recommended age.

There are some other factors too that you should consider before even thinking of replacing your equipment. Let’s discuss a few of those.

The Cost of Repair

What is the cost of hiring professional appliance repair service? If it’s too much, then you are better off replacing the equipment. Usually, you are advised to replace the equipment if the cost of its repair is more than half of its original price.

An Example

So, if the budget allows, try getting a replacement in this scenario and avoid spending a fortune on the repair. Another logic behind doing so is that if a specific part of your equipment breaks down once, it’s possible that it’ll keep doing the same thing over and over again costing you a lot more than its original price in the long term.

Buying a newer model of that particular appliance might help you save on the utility bill and get newer features while needing less maintenance for a long time to come.

Keep an Eye on the Red Flags

If you get afraid by just thinking about the repairs and the costs that come with them, then it will be a wise move to keep checking for the signs of breakdown in all the equipment you use in your commercial kitchen.

Here are some of the warning signs that you can keep an eye on.

  • If the ice machine is showing signs of breakdown, then keep in mind that most of the repairs cost more than the price of a new ice machine. So, get a new machine or start saving for it to avoid an emergency situation.
  • HVAC systems usually need proper cleansing, especially in the case of restaurants. So, either get regular maintenance or be prepared to change the system. Keep the increasing prices in mind.
  • Keep the dishwashers in good shape and avoid abusing them too much. They can leak around the welds and go completely useless. You’ll need a replacement as soon as possible to keep the kitchen working.
  • Equipment like griddles can also build rust as time goes on. This damage is permanent and you’ll have to decide how much rust is too much. Just remember that the health of your griddle directly impacts the end quality of food you make.
  • Refrigerators used in the restaurants are of commercial nature. So, you can expect them to be heavy duty. While smaller errors should be fixed properly and on time with the help of commercial refrigerator services Alexandria, refrigerators too start breaking as time passes. They have their own signs of wear that they’ll show once they’re nearing the end of their life.

There are various other things that you’ll need to keep an eye on to keep your restaurant working properly.

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