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How To Install A Cobblestone Patio

Every homeowner having some extra space in their backyard wants to lay a patio in order to make sitting space. You can use reclaimed cobblestone to make an elegant cobblestone patio. These patios are practically impossible to break, they don’t get stained easily, and they provide your house with an old world charm. This is the main reason why cobblestone is the best material to make a patio and most patio builders recommend it.

Making a patio in your backyard isn’t that difficult. All you need is a brief list of all the things needed to make a perfect cobblestone patio. In addition to the materials, you’ll need to rent some equipment as well. Once you have everything that is needed for the project, you can move forward to the next step.

Here is how you can install a cobblestone patio in your backyard without a masonry contractor.

Make The Base

In order to start making the base, you’ll first have to see where you’ll make the patio, and how big it is going to be. Once the overall size and place of your patio are fixed, you’ll have to clear out the space you decided to make the patio in. You should clear all the weeds from that space and flatten it perfectly. Leave one foot extra on every side of the desired patio space.

Before buying any materials, measure that space that you’ll be using to make the patio, this way, you’ll be able to see how much materials are needed for the construction. Also, make sure that you make a little slope on the patio area to make it drain properly afterwards.

Create Form

You can cut the 2×4’s and use them to fit in the perimeter of your patio space. You should attach them at 90 degree angles to make a frame around the patio space. This will make a 2×4 form that you can adjust to place perfectly on the desired space.

Fill The Base Properly

Once the box firm is properly made, you can lay down a landscape fabric inside the box form. After doing this, you can lay 2 inches thick crushed gravel layer on top of the landscape fabric. You can then use a power compactor to stump down the laid down gravel, wet it, and compact it once again.

Do this again by laying down 2 inches thick layer of sand, and pack that down as well. Must the whole sand covered area to settle it down as much as possible and compact it.

Lay Out The Cobblestones

When it comes to making a pattern for cobblestone patio, you can go wild and use as much cobblestone as you want. Since we’re already using reclaimed cobblestone which has lots of character, the patio designing part is also done at this point.

You can pick any corner of the sand and start laying the cobblestone from that end. Press the cobblestone as firmly as you can. Place the cobblestones in rows and make sure that they fit tightly together. Also, you should focus on creating a level ground as well.

It’s Time For The Mortar

You can make small batches of commercial epoxy mortar and pour it on the settled cobblestones. While spreading the mortar mixture, make sure that you spread it evenly throughout the patio. Use a hand towel or any unwanted piece of clothing to push the mortar and spread it across the patio evenly.

Why should you only make small batches of mortar? Well, that’s because mortar hardens within 15 minutes, and you should therefore make only so much epoxy mortar mixture that you can use within 15 minutes.

After laying down the mortar, use a thing with straight edges and flatten up the mortar, removing any excess mortar from top of the cobblestones. Make sure the surface is flat.

Let The Patio Dry

It will take some time for your new patio to settle down, and for the mortar to cure. You can see the total drying time on the container that contained the mortar. As a rule of thumb, you should let the patio dry for up to 24 hours before stepping on it. This is how you can make a DIY cobblestone patio. Get patio contractors on board to have a flawless patio. Lagrass

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