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What Is Done In AC Servicing

AC servicing on a regular basis is an essential aspect of maintaining the HVAC system in your home and ensuring that it keeps working as intended at all times, for several years to come. If you are curious what is included in AC service from air conditioner repair services, here are the common steps involved.

Thorough Cleaning Of Both The Outside And Inside Units

Dust can be deadly to any mechanical or electrical equipment, and your air conditioning being a combination of the two is no different. Thorough hosing with pressurized air from time to time is necessary to ensure seamless operation.

Ensuring That Both Units Are Properly Leveled And Fixed

Compressor motor operation can often cause vibrations in the body of your air conditioner, resulting in the bolts on the unit sliding off over time, leaving it unscrewed and in the worst case, completely dangling. The service person looks for both of these issues and fixes them.

Disassembling The Inner Unit To Access The Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil is the very component responsible for extracting the heat from the room and throwing it outside. Any accumulation of dust on it can seriously hinder air conditioning performance, and hence disassembly and servicing it regularly is crucial.

Checking For Signs Of Any Clogs Or Leaks In & Around The Coils

Apart from dust accumulation, two more serious issues that can develop in evaporator coils are punctures and blockages. Both of these need to be detected as soon as possible, and then fixed before the problem escalates into something much more severe.

Changing The Blower Filter & Ensuring Proper Fan Operation

These are two things that are extremely crucial to the efficient operation of any air conditioning system. With the blower filter not being able to do its job, you will just be burning electricity without getting any AC cooling performance in return.

Ensuring That The Internal Thermostat Is Functional Properly

The thermostat is often said to be the eyes of the air conditioner, as in it is what enables the system to see how much the room temperature has dropped, and decide how much more cooling is needed to bring it down to the temperature specified.

Checking & Topping Up The Level Of Refrigerant In The Pipes

With no refrigerant in the air conditioner, or even if the level drops down a little, the cooling performance of your air conditioner will be seriously affected. The service company will make sure that the level is sufficient for maximum efficiency.

Testing Compressor Operation & Checking Internal Pressure

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioner. Quite literally, as it is the component that pumps refrigerant, akin to blood in the human body, throughout the condenser fins, which results in the room being cooled. Ensuring compressor health is a key aspect of servicing.

Checking For Any Vibrations Or Sounds From The Equipment

Vigorous shaking or weird noises emanating from the air conditioner can spell trouble for the system. The AC repair professional will carefully listen to your unit, making sure everything is in order.

Ensuring That Electrical Connections Are Properly Insulated

The final step of servicing an air conditioner is checking for any cuts or loosened electrical connections, both of which present a risk of electrical shorts.

As you can see, all of these are absolutely essential in ensuring that your HVAC lasts and that any issues that may be on the onset of developing are detected and diagnosed in time, so that they can be remedied before the problem evolves into something much bigger and more expensive to repair.

Always keep in mind however to only seek AC servicing from a professional HVAC technician. Look out for the proper certifications, licensing as well as insurance to safeguard yourself in the event of a mishap on your premises or possession.

AC repair scams are quite common and so one must tread very carefully in matters involving this appliance, as they are quite costly, both to own as well as repair. That’s why doing research before choosing the right AC repair service Woodbury is paramount. Get recommendations from friends and family or social sites. Also, for getting the best price, make sure to get quotes from multiple services.

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