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Car window tint darkness levels

Do you currently have auto window tinting, or are you simply looking to buy some? Whatever your circumstance, having tinted car windows has a lot of advantages that you may take advantage of.

Tinted automobile windows offer excellent protection against dangerous UV rays as its primary advantage. By doing this, you will be able to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging cancer-causing rays. Tinted windows enhance the car’s visual appeal at the same time. And last, it gives you more privacy.

More than a million drivers worldwide like the opulent appearance of tinted automobile windows. However, tinted automobile windows are subject to several limitations and regulatory constraints. These restrictions differ depending on the locale. For instance, depending on the state you’re from, you either have to keep your tints very light or you may legally drive with very dark tints.

Therefore, it is wise to check your local window tinting regulations before having window tint placed.

Darkness and window tinting

Window tints naturally give off a dark appearance, limiting the amount of visibility inside the automobile for onlookers. Of course, it is more difficult to gaze into a darker tint.

Now, hues come in a variety of intensities. Some states in the US have restrictions that prevent automobiles from traveling beyond a specific level of darkness. Other US states could be less strict when it comes to automobile window tinting in contrast.

Various automobile window tinting options

The industry currently offers a wide variety of choices for tinting automobile windows. Naturally, the decision you choose will rely on your tastes and the appearance you want to accomplish. These kinds consist of the following:


The lifespan of infrared films is very lengthy. These films like to all other tinting options filter UV radiation. These hues do have the benefit of having a higher level of visibility, though. Infrared films may thus be your best choice if you reside in a state with tight regulations on window tinting.

Metallic coloration

The metallic tinting gives the car’s exterior a particularly gleaming, modern appearance. However, a significant disadvantage of these hues is their propensity to completely block wireless signals. Thus, there is a potential that your GPS won’t function properly. Similar to that, it might completely block your phone’s signal.

Graphene films

Similar to metallic films are carbon films. They do not, however, result in signal obstruction problems. They are substantially more practical than metallic films in that regard.

Coats with color

This kind of spray paint functions much like a tint. These sprays are used directly on the automobile windows. Tinting coatings are now arguably the most resilient choice. However, because it requires a lot of labor, it is also a more expensive choice.

The extent of the night

The VLT % is used to gauge how dark a window tint is. This denotes “transmission of visible light.” For instance, if an automobile only allows roughly 70% of the light to pass through the windows, it has a 70% VLT.

A varied minimum VLT level on the roadways will be needed in various states. For instance, Missouri just requires a 24% VLT. People can therefore readily drive vehicles with dark tints.

This varies by automobile type in various areas as well. Regarding instance, rules for SUVs often tend to be more permissive.


Car window tinting can be incredibly beneficial for multiple reasons. Just remember to follow the VLT laws. Last but not least, always trust Springfield window tint companies with years of expertise if you’re planning to go to a car window tinting shop Springfield. Otherwise, you risk being taken advantage of.

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