How To Get Low Maintenance Balayage

Balayage is already one of those hair coloring techniques that are low-maintenance. So, if you’re a working woman or someone that doesn’t have time to visit the salon frequently, get balayage services to not be bothered by hair color maintenance for quite some time.

Here’s a complete guide to how you can get low-maintenance Balayage.

Getting Low Maintenance Balayage

Balayage is a hair painting technique where your hairstylist colors your hair strands freehand with the coloring brush leaving 2-3 inches of your roots.

So, the idea is to basically color your hair in two different shades. The base will be the darker shade and the Balayage, which is usually the lighter one. Therefore, both colors need to be identical but different shades. This way, you’ll create a color transition between two shades.

And this is the reason Balayage is more known to be a natural hair color.

To get extremely low-maintenance Balayage, the key is to have your base color natural.

Why You Need Natural Base Color

If I get to the point directly, coloring your hair in two shades is expensive. Also, it demands time.

Now get to the root cause: Basically, your hair roots grow an inch every month. And when you color your roots totally different from your natural hair color, you need to spend money on maintenance every month. Also, you have to visit the salon regularly. But what if you miss it? Your Balayage will ruin till next sitting.

Solution: If you have dark or blonde hair naturally, let them stay in the same color. And use your natural hair color as the base. Just color the strands in a tone lighter than your natural one.

Below are a few hair inspirations to help you decide what Balayage you can have.

If You Have Brown Hair

Being a woman with dark hair color is a struggle painting them. No color sits perfectly in the dark shade. And you need to harshly bleach your hair.

But, don’t you worry. Many techniques are perfect for darker hair, such as getting honey Balayage.

Honey Balayage

Leave your natural brown color as the base and color the strands in a lighter tone of honey. That will look perfect on your features enhancing your skin texture and framing your face. It seems as if the sun is melting in your hair. Picture perfect, right?

If You Have Dark Hair

I would recommend you don’t bleach your dark hair to get ashy Balayage. Or, in the end, you’ll be left with regular salon sittings and dry, damaged hair. Also, such drastic beauty changes need a lot of maintenance. It includes taking proper care of your hair health and getting your Balayage touch-up every month.

Instead, go for a lighter shade of dark. And that can be soft brown Balayage.

Note: But if you really want to try a completely new shade. Or you’ve been drooling over some Balayage for months; go for it. Just know that it needs maintenance and your time.

Light Brown Balayage

Leaving your dark base hair, color the strands in light brown. That’s it. You’ve got light brown balayage. You only need to touch up after every four months. Or you can skip that too if you want to enjoy the change of your hair.

If You Have Blonde Hair

Getting people to notice your Balayage over blonde hair is a difficult task. And that is why many go for changing their base color.

But what if you don’t have time for maintenance and touch-up your roots every month?

Your next option is to leave your natural blonde color as the base. And go for lighter blonde shade Balayage.

Extra Light Blonde Balayage

Leaving your natural hair color as the base will give you this privilege that even if your roots grow, the change will go unnoticed. So, if you have a blonde (8) shade, save yourself some bucks and go for extra light blonde (10).


Balayage is the talk of the town these days. And it will go with any hair tone. Either color the strands only or change your base color first. Also, the Balayage has the advantage of going with any hair type.

Just make sure you don’t go for Balayage on gray hair. Else, go for hair highlights for gray hair. Take expert opinions from stylists at balayage salons. Hypno

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