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What Is The Healthiest Water To Drink

Water is a basic commodity and all human beings need water to replenish themselves. If you want to find out what the healthiest type of water is before choosing a water filter or considering a bottled water home delivery option, then keep on reading.

Types Of Water

Here are the different types of water and what each of them is composed of and is great for your overall health.

Mineral Water

Mineral water is probably the most common type of water, which is found in stores, airports, and more. It is manufactured by factories and they add certain minerals and components to amplify the taste and the nutrient content of the water. It is the perfect grab-and-go option, although it is on the expensive side.

Mineral water also contains a lot of nutritional ingredients and metals in it, which will boost your immune system and give you the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals you need for your daily intake. On the flip side, it does contain a lot of sodium and that can lead to hypertension and heart issues, in the future.

Spring Water

This water is sourced naturally and it contains a lot of minerals that are great for your body. This water is obtained from the mountains or springs when glaciers and ice start to melt. This water has the lowest possibility of having contaminants in it because it is that natural.

The taste of spring water is also very fresh and crisp and it is considered to be the best type of water you can drink, health-wise. With that being said, there might be nitrates and rock minerals present in this water, so it is not completely free from all kinds of contaminants.

Tap Water

Tap water is the water that comes to your houses through supply companies. This water is the most abundant in quantity and it is supplied all over the world. It is also the cheapest way to drink and use water in houses and anywhere it is supplied. It also contains natural minerals and vitamins and you don’t need to store it in plastic bottles.

The only downside is that this water can be hard and it needs to be boiled or purified through a water filter before you can drink it. It can also contain microorganisms and it is not safe to drink at all until it is purified and free from all sorts of contaminants. It also needs to be softened in case the calcium and magnesium content is too high, otherwise, you can’t use it for anything.

Purified Water

Purified water is also known as distilled water. This is the healthiest form of water, in terms of the fact that it contains zero contaminants and impurities in it. With that being said though, it also doesn’t contain any sort of vitamins or minerals, which can be bad for your health as time goes on.

This water can lead to mineral deficiencies in the body because you’re not getting your daily intake of nutrition through the water. This water is also very hard to source and it is usually made in laboratories, through the condensation process, which can take a lot of time. This water is not suitable for drinking, because of its sparse availability and almost no mineral content.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water, as the name suggests is water with a high pH level. Water is usually of a neutral pH of 7, but alkaline water is basic in nature. It contains more basic elements and it is perfect for people who suffer from stomach ulcers and acidity. It is a more specific type of water and it’s not for everyone, but someone with these underlying health issues can use alkaline water safely.

It is just like normal mineral water, with the added benefits of vitamins and mineral compounds that your body needs. This is still a work in progress since there are a lot of things people don’t know about alkaline water, including its benefits and health-altering effects.


There you have it! There are many types of water out there and now you know which one is the best for you, based on its composition and mineral content. For filtered water, you can install a water filter yourself, but if you need spring water, mineral water, or any other type, find a drinking water delivery service Meadville that provides the type you desire.

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