The best car window tinting guide

On the outside, car window tints seem like nothing but an aesthetic choice. However, in reality, they are a lot more than that! In fact, car window tinting works a lot in protecting your vehicle. While keeping this in mind, it is very important to know how they work, and how you should take care of them.

Consider this article as a guide about car window tints, that covers the basics of cleaning and how they work. Once you have read it fully, you will be confident enough about your decision of getting car window tints.

How does it work?

Car window tints involve the use of a slim tinted film which is made of a polymer that is very flexible. In this regard, there are three types of films in the markets that you can choose from. These include:

Dyed tints

As the name suggests, dyed window tints are dyed in a dark colour. This type of tint is applied inside a car, and uses adhesive/heat gun. On the outside of the car, the vehicle appears black. However, the people who are inside the car including the passenger and driver and see clearly outside. However, these do not really provide enough UV radiation protection as compared to the other types.

Metallised window tints

These type of window tints are lined with fine metal particles. This mostly includes aluminium, which is known to reflect heat, light, and harmful UV rays that come from the sun. As a result of this, the car gets a very sleek and mirror-like finish. However, metallised window tints are far expensive as compared to dyed window tints. Furthermore, they can also sometimes cause interference with GPS reception and cell-phones. Nevertheless, they work great against shattering and scratches.

Ceramic window tints

As the name suggests, ceramic window tints have a very fine coating of ceramics. This has been made possible through nano-technology. Indeed, ceramic is a wonderful insulator, which provides protection to the car against UV radiation and heat. Some designer sunglasses may also have this feature! Furthermore, ceramic window tints are also very durable and provide scratch resistance. However, they are significantly more expensive as compared to the other two types.

How to clean window tints?

Tinted cars can only be cleaned using specialised products that you can find in the house. However, do note that most of the times, tints are installed on the inside of the car. So, you can easily clean the outside of the car without any issues.

Nevertheless, when you have got window tints installed, it is recommended to wait for some days before cleaning them. This allows the adhesive to get attached with the screen properly so that it does not come off when you roll the windows down.

Know that when you are cleaning car window tints, you must avoid all products that contain ammonia, all abrasive cleaning equipment including newspaper, paper towels, and wire meshes. Furthermore, also avoid sharp objects that include knives. All of these materials will cause significant damage to your car tints, due to which they may also come off. Nevertheless, they can also result in a lot of scratches.

Ending note

Car window tints are quite easy to maintain, look great, and have a range of other added benefits that include security, privacy, and protection from UV rays. However, it is very important to get them right, in case you want the best results. After all, no one would want their vehicle to look ugly, rather than highly aesthetic. So in this regard, only settle for premium window tint shops Springfield, and avoid cheaper services. This is because a cheaper service is likely to have many visible flaws.


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