A Simple Guide To Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening is becoming increasingly popular in almost all hair straightening salons. However, many don’t know that Japanese hair straightening practice is around for almost three decades now. It is a method that makes use of flat ironing of hair along with a number chemicals to give you the permanent, sleek, chic, frizz free, shiny, straight hair you want. It works by breaking the protein bonds in your hair and reshaping them in a manner that your hair remain straight until new hair grow.

How Long Does It Take?

A visit to Japanese hair straightening salons will be time consuming. Why, you ask. Well the procedure is simply time consuming. The process may take you from somewhere around 3-8 hours of sitting while your hair undergo the straightening process. The time depends upon a lot of factors, like the length of your hair, the texture of hair, the hairdresser’s own efficiency etc.


Consulting your hairdresser is crucial before getting your hair straightened. You must be honest with everything the hairdresser asks you because your hair are on the line here. If you have gone through other treatments like keratin, hair dyeing, hair highlights, or anything else, you must bring it up and let your hairdresser know about it. With continuous exposure to harsh chemicals, you hair are definitely going to be at risk of damage. Thus, it is for the best that you bring up the entire history of the process that your hair has gone through.

Also, while you’re at it, don’t forget to inquire about the procedure beforehand. Question their credibility if you must. Look up the rating of salons that do Japanese hair straightening instead of the price that they are offering. You look up for the cheaper option and you are going to pay big time. Look up hairdressers that have credibility in what they do. If a hairdresser messes up with the hair straightening, your hair can say goodbye to permanent straight and say hello to permanent damage.


Your hair will undergo shampooing and deep conditioning. This is only the beginning to your Japanese hair straightening journey.


Until this part, you might have proved your hairdresser that you are a fine candidate for hair straightening. But they will not be satisfied as long as they have physical evidence of it. Thus one strand is tested and straightened to check if your hair is truly a good candidate.

In case of any hitch, the process will be stopped there and then but if your strand straightens perfectly fine, the hairdressers will move forth with the ironing.


Ironing is done at a very specifically high temperature that your hair may not be used to. Thermal protectant sprays or serums will be applied to keep your hair from breaks and damages. However the satisfying process of watching your curls turn into sleek, shiny, straight strands will be worth it by the end of the day.


After ironing neutralizers are applied. As there are a number of chemicals that have been applied to your hair, the pH of your hair changes and for it to retain back to normal, neutralizers are applied.

The After Care

Make sure your hair is free from all sorts of knots, twists, bends and crimps for the next 2-3 days. Even the slightest bend that may include tucking your hair behind your ear may result in the deformation of your hair. Thus, styling your hair in a ponytail, braid, clips, hats, comb etc. must be out of the question. Hair straightening salons may or may not instruct you as to how to take care of your hair after the process but remember this process was made for you to let your hair down and ease down.

Benefits of Japanese Hair Straightening
  1. Japanese hair straightening is permanent. So, your hair will remain straight until they grow out.
  2. After the treatment, hair maintenance is easy as you have smooth, silky hair.
  3. You look gorgeous in those straight hair and you can also try many styles that you couldn’t before.
  4. It is best for loose curls and wavy hair types. Moreover, it works well for all hair types except weak or damaged hair.

The procedure of Japanese hair straightening is expensive and some people talk about its damage to hair. So, do consult a good Japanese hair straightening salon Potomac to get your questions answered before you try the treatment.

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