7 Qualities To Look For In A Real Estate Agent in DC

Purchasing your very first house or apartment is one of the most important investments in your life. It is something that you will be spending your savings on and will hold a special place, but for that to happen you will need a real estate agent authentic enough to guide you through the process. Let us share some tips as to how can you identify and choose a good real estate agent.

Understanding Clients

The first quality that every good realtor should possess is understanding. Clients have different demands and preferences. When they walk into an agent’s office with their polarized sunglasses on and stress lines on their forehead, they want someone to truly understand what they have in mind and make the process easy. Some clients will be very conscious about every single detail while others will go with anything that sounds or looks good. A good quality real estate agent will make sure that every demand and preference is both valued and taken care of.


Being a house buyer is not an easy thing. You will be meeting all kinds of house sellers and realtors. You will have to be stubborn. You should be asking questions that make them uncomfortable to know if that real estate agent is the right choice or not. If they are determined, they will answer every question confidently with sound knowledge. If not, try another real estate firm.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills can make or break a house buying deal. And that’s why you need a real estate agent that have his/her command over negotiation skills.

Communication and negotiation skills are also important if you like the house but the seller is demanding too much money. A that time, the real estate agent with right communication skills can seal the deal on the right price for you. Real estate agents with negotiation skills can win houses for you.

Another great advantage of realtors with great people skills is that they can deal with angry or tough sellers and make a deal if the price and house is right.


Integrity is something that you should take seriously when looking for a real estate agent. Make no mistake, real estate market is full of fraudsters who also happen to be smooth talkers. Don’t get into their trap. And the best way to hire a good real estate agent is to look for integrity. If you are sensing something is doubtful, it maybe is. It could be anything, they may be asking for too much commission, trying to sell you a house that’s wrong for you, or hiding information.


Networking is a crucial aspect for choosing a real estate agent. It is always going to be about who they know and who knows them. Although, not having a real estate agent with good network doesn’t make things too complicated for you, but it’s an excellent advantage that you would love to have.

Moreover, the impression that only older agents have good networks is wrong. Younger ones can have good network too. So, be aware of that.

Problem Solving

There will be a lot of issues during the house buying process and your agent should know how to tackle them with their communication, intelligence and experience using conventional or unconventional methods. Problem solving gets better with experience, so realtors with more house buying experience are a better choice, but you can always try young ones too if they have above mentioned qualities.

Understanding of the Local Market

You want a real estate agent who knows your city or area’s real estate market well. That will ensure that the realtor has the knowledge of the places and people in your area. This will help you acquire opportunities you never known you can avail whether it’s buying or selling a property. Moreover, it’s vital to have a real estate agent on your side who knows the lifestyle of the place where you want to buy house. Ask questions about nearby stores, schools, kid’s activates, bus and train routes among others to ensure you have hired the right person.

Among many other aspects, some of the listed qualities above are sure to help you identify a good realtor. Overall, the body language will speak of itself and you will be double sure about your decision.

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