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What are the most common causes of knee pain?

Knee pain is not something that you should take lightly. While you might think that it is nothing major, sometimes the underlying causes can be as serious as diabetes or arthritis. These conditions can become worse over time if you are not getting help from a medical professional. That is why it is recommended to reach out to orthopedic surgeons if you are dealing with knee pain.

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints among people who suffer from joint problems. Find out what causes knee pain and what you should do about it. It is often caused by injury, arthritis, or other medical conditions. It can also be due to overuse, which occurs when someone repeatedly performs an activity that strains the knees.

The Cause of Knee Pain

Arthritis is the leading cause of knee pain. This condition affects the joints and surrounding tissues, causing inflammation and swelling. Other causes of knee pain include injuries, such as sprains, fractures, and tears; infections; and diseases, such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Common Symptoms of Knee Pain

The common symptoms of knee pain include difficulty moving the knee, stiff joints, and of course, dull or sharp pain that may be consistent or appear with movement. Sometimes, you may only feel pain at night or when you are resting. If you notice any of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately. They might indicate an underlying problem with your knee.

Treatment Options for Knee Pain

There are several different treatments available for knee pain. These range from conservative options such as rest and ice packs to more invasive procedures like surgery. Sometimes, over-the-counter medicines are enough for minor injuries that are causing knee pain. These include muscle strains and sprains. Fractures, however, require more specialized treatment so that the bone heals properly.

Common Knee Problems

Knee pain is often caused by an injury to the knee itself. This includes sprains, strains, tears, and fractures. Other possible causes include arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis. However, the former is relatively rarer.

Most people who end up with knee pain are dealing with tears, strains, and fractures. This is especially true for athletes and those who have experienced an accident recently. But this certainly does not mean that you should take knee pain lightly. While it is important for you to know the chances of suffering from a more serious disease, you should consider the remote possibility and get a medical check-up.

Treating Knee Pain

If you have knee pain, there are several things you can do to help ease the discomfort. First, make sure you’re getting enough rest. Second, try using ice packs or heat therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation. Third, talk with your doctor about any medications you might need to take. Fourth, consider seeing a physical therapist to learn more about exercises that will help strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility. Finally, see a chiropractor if you think your back or neck might be contributing to your knee pain.


Sometimes, knee pain might settle with over-the-counter medicines. This is especially true for simple muscle ailments that can heal on their own with time. However, problems such as arthritis simply do not go away on their own and require the assistance of a professional.

An orthopedic doctor for knee pain Woodbridge can give you the best advice regarding your condition after thoroughly examining you. The medical professional will tell you about the cause of your knee pain and will offer some valuable suggestions for treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to a medical professional today if you are suffering from knee pain.

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