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What Are The Types Of Patio Fire Pits

For the homeowners looking to get more living space in their backyards, an outdoor fireplace can work the best. These fireplaces allow you to enjoy your time out with the much needed warmth. If you are also looking for a patio fire pit, here are some of the different types of outdoor fireplaces that you can choose when going to a masonry contractor.

Campfire Style

If you live hiking and camping, you can get that same feeling by making a perfect campfire style fire pit outside your house. You can light up these fire pits with the help of natural gas. You can either get them permanently fixed in the ground, or can get a portable model to carry around with you whenever needed.


This is also a popular choice amongst the homeowners who like elegance and style in addition to the warmth of fore from their outdoor fireplace. This is called the Mexican chimenea.

These unique outdoor fireplaces are usually made of clay. They have a wide open mouth at the bottom that becomes narrow like a chimney opening at the top. This looks just like the old rustic ovens from some distance.  With all those features, it can definitely become the topic of conversation in any party or get together.

However, these can be fragile, and you will have to take extra precaution when cleaning them. They can also become very hot, and you should not place them on a wooden surface. You will have to keep them away from tripping, as they can easily crack.

Ground Fireplaces

Installing an in ground fire pit is usually easy as compared to going for other fancy options. You can also DIY this project and install the fire pit in the ground on your own. Or you can also get the help of an expert to do so.

If you are interested in doing this by yourself, check out the tutorials online, as they can prove to be a great help for novice people.

Types Of Pits By Fuels

Here are some of the different types of fire pits by the type of fuel they use.

Get Fuel Pits

Getting one of these fire pits in your backyard can drastically enhance its looks. Gel fuel is usually preferred because it burns clean, and creates no fumes or smoke. By getting a portable get fuel fire pit for your backyard, you can move it to any preferred location within the backyard.

To make any fireplace gel fueled, you can buy gel fueled logs and place them in that fireplace and start the fire. The logs will look like a natural wood fireplace, while the gel containers will be concealed inside. These are also available in small tabletop fireplace configurations given that you need one for your backyard usage. You can use these small fireplaces both inside or outside your house.

These fire pits usually look like the elegant indoor fireplace that we all live to sit around to spend some time together. However, gel fuel does not give as much heat as some of the other alternatives in the market.

Natural Gas Fire Pits

The installation of these fixed fireplaces in your backyard needs you to install a gas pipe. Since natural gas is continuously being supplied, your fireplace will never run out of fuel.

One way to install this type of fire pit is building it sunken into the ground. Another way is making it rose above the ground in the shape of a square. You can decorate the fireplace with different materials in this method.

Wood Fire Pits

Having a wood burning outdoor fireplace built by fire pit builders can help you get the perfect feeling of a campfire right in your backyard. They also come with all the features of burning wood.

There are lots of styling options that you can choose from for your outdoor wood burning fireplaces.

However, the maintenance of these outdoor fireplaces can cost you a lot of money. This biggest con is that you will regularly have to buy wood and chop it to burn.

These were all the different options that you can explore when getting a backyard fireplace in your property. Furthermore, never underestimate the experience of the outdoor fireplace builders Long Island when choosing one.

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