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What Are The Different Types Of Allergy Testing

Allergies occur in a lot of people and they can be quite hard to diagnose. Here are some ways by which allergy testing is done.

How Are Allergies Diagnosed?

The main diagnosing parameter of allergies are the symptoms. Depending on the symptoms, the doctor will prescribe you any of the following tests.

Skin Allergy Test

Skin allergies are very common, especially in the summer and winter months. Skin allergies can be identified by redness on your skin, bumps on your skin, red pus-filled bumps, itchiness and, sometimes, burning sensation in the skin. Skin allergies can be due to bug bites from insects like cockroaches, bed mites, beetles, honey bees, etc.

Skin allergy tests are usually done by two methods. One is called prick skin testing. In prick skin testing, the affected area is pricked and the blood is drawn out in a small quantity. Once the blood is drawn out, it is put in a solution and then the allergen or trigger can be identified within 15 to 20 minutes. It is a very common test which is done on a lot of people. The second method is called intradermal testing, where an allergen is placed under the skin for some hours and then the allergen is detected.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are also very commonly done on a lot of people who are suspected for allergies. Blood tests are done where skin testing is not possible. In skin testing, there is a lot of protocol and some of the protocol includes the ceasing of antihistamines, some days prior to testing. This cannot be possible for some people, as some people cannot discontinue antihistamines easily. For them, blood testing is done. Blood testing is just as good as skin testing and it identifies different allergens you might be sensitive to.

Lung Tests

Lung tests are usually done for people who suffer from asthma and other breathing allergies. The test usually involves a detailed lung function test, where all the activities of the lungs are monitored. If there is some suspicious activity or abnormal behavior of the lungs, then the doctor can use this as a diagnosis for asthma and other respiratory allergies.

It also includes different breathing exercises which you have to perform. If you are unable to hold your breath for long, or you fail to attempt the exercises then your lungs might be at risk for allergies or breathing problems.

Food Allergy Testing

A lot of people are allergic to different foods as well. Some foods don’t sit well with people, like gluten, nuts, dairy, meat, seeds, etc. You can easily tell if you are allergic to a specific food, if, upon eating the food, you feel nauseous and your body starts reacting to it. You have to get yourself tested for different food allergies. This test is done when the doctor provides small amounts of food that you cannot eat or digest.

If you feel unwell after eating the food, then you will be further tested in the lab with different tests, to confirm the food allergy. If you don’t have a reaction to the food, another dose is given and your condition is observed for some time. There are several observation periods, only after which, you are safe to consume the food, if no allergic reaction occurs.

Patch Testing

Some people are allergic to different metals as well. People with skin allergies are often sensitive to different things, like lotions, perfumes, jewelry, etc. For this type of allergy, you can get tested via a patch test. What occurs in this test is that a small quantity of the allergen which causes allergic reactions to your skin, is applied on your body in the form of a small patch. The patch is placed on your body for about 24 to 48 hours, depending on how well your body is dealing with the patch. After the allocated time, the patch is removed and the condition is evaluated. During the patch test, your skin should be dry.

There you go! Now you have a selection of methods which can be used to test a patient for different allergies. Make sure to choose a reputed allergy clinic Manassas for allergy diagnosis.

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