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8 Most Heat Resistant Countertops

Heat resistance is a most important factor for kitchen countertops so you should know the list of materials which are highly resistant to heat. In fact, few countertop replacement companies have also shared a common list of heat resistant materials to raise awareness among people and choose the right material.

Concrete Countertops

It is considered as highly heat resistant while it may also give uniqueness to your kitchen decor. The best thing about concrete countertops is that they are cast directly into your kitchen as per the shape and size you desire as concrete is a very heavy weighted material. Also, concrete is very durable and lasts longer than ten years so you can count on it blindly.

Marble Countertops

It has very much similar qualities of granite as marble is also a natural stone and may give you a completely unique countertop for your home. Marble also adds a great value in your property so you do not need to worry when you would like to sell your house. However, people are now looking for alternate options as marble is very costly and repairs are also very difficult but the heat resistance offered by marble countertops is obviously something to be adored.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Countertops made from stainless steel can withstand a great amount of heat without causing any damage to the material. Along with this, stainless steel countertops give a very industrial and contemporary look to your kitchen which you would love to have in your house. Countertops made from these metals are also easy to clean plus you can have a seamless countertop to add beauty in your kitchen. You might experience a little discoloration due to heat but it can be buffed out with special metal cleaning solutions very easily.

Quartz Countertops

It is an engineered stone made from crystals of quartz and resin which is considered as highly heat resistant material for countertops. And since it is a synthetic material so it is considered as a better alternative to granite, marble and other natural stones. The good thing about quartz countertops is that you can find a wide range of colors plus it is completely non-porous material. This assures its resistance to stains and scratches. Another plus point quartz have is that it does not require any sealing as required in the cast of natural stones.

Wood Countertops

Although wood is not this much heat resistant material but it can be used in kitchen with little precautions. Wood countertop basically offers only moderate heat resistance as compared to other materials however it is considered to provide very efficient work surface. Also, you have to be careful with hot pans as using a tripod stand is important to keep your countertop safe and prevent damages.

Ceramic Tile Countertops

Countertops made from ceramic tiles are very affordable as compared to others while the amount of beauty they add in your kitchen cannot be ignored as well. Ceramic tiles also offer moderate resistance to heat but you can keep hot pans directly over the surface without any fear of damage. And this is the only important factor that matters the most because this is the primary reason of damages in kitchen countertops which you can achieve here.

Soapstone Countertops

Although it is not very much popular as you may find other materials for countertops but it offers a great deal of heat resistance. Also, soapstone contributes a lot in giving a rich look to your kitchen while small damages can also be repaired quite easily and quickly. Countertops made from soapstone are very hard and resistant to stain as well which makes it a very good choice to opt for your house.

Granite Countertops

Since granite is a natural stone so it inhibits all properties of natural materials and one of them is heat resistance. Granite kitchen countertops Potomac have high demand in the market due to the same reason as granite is considered as one of the most heat tolerant substances among natural stones. You can say the high heat resistance is because granite is formed under extremely high temperatures along with high pressures too. This makes it possible to keep a hot pan freshly taken out from oven directly onto the surface without any fear of damage or stains.

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