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7 Quartz Countertop Secrets Revealed

Quartz countertops are amongst the most popular and sought-after material in the furniture industry. But there are some hidden secrets quartz workshops would not necessarily want you to know. If you are looking out for quartz countertop, then you must know some secrets quartz countertop contractors have up their sleeves. Below are some of the most interesting secrets that will sure enough benefit you when you go shopping for a new countertop.

Quartz Countertops Aren’t Necessarily Made Up of 100% Quartz

Quartz is strong robust material that will be an excellent countertop material. But what you must know is what you think is an absolute quartz countertop is actually a mixture of different rocks and minerals, including quartz. This is what most quartz worktop contractors wouldn’t want you to know that almost 10% of quartz countertops is really made up of polymers and cement based products, which is not a rock material to begin with. The other 90% includes quartz alongside, crushed up waste graphite, marble, silica, glass, mirror etc.

There Is Only One Source to Quartz Countertops

If you are looking for a good company to provide you with the best quartz countertop with zero deceit, then you must know that regardless of where you buy your quartz countertops from, they all originate from one source.

Almost 50 years ago, in 1963, in the northeast of Italy, a company of established that goes by Breton business. They began producing countertops using the technology of manufacturing the engineered stone, under the hallmark Bretonstone. They have licensed the procedure, where quartz is used as the foundation to the countertop along with polymers, and other various minerals heated together and molding such that they appear as a natural mineral stone.

Many popular furniture companies accredit Bretonstone, yet using their own unique blend to form the countertop.

Tiles Also Consist of Quartz

While you think that quartz is merely used for the making of kitchen and bathroom countertops, they are more common than you think. Airports, malls too use quartz tiles in the making of their floors. Without consciously knowing you have been walking on quartz material. In fact, quartz was initially used as a material to make floor tiles with, the concept of using it in the countertops came much later.

Quartz Is a Better Option Than Granite

For years quartz worktops are made in such a way that they appear to be granite. Naturally, this would lead people to believe that granite is superior to quartz. But in truth, quartz is far better than granite. Quartz is less porous, and a more robust material than granite and will serve to be an exceptionally better option.

Granite Prices Have Gone Dramatically Low

As people are beginning to recognize the value of quartz over granite, the prices of granite has seen a significant decline. Granite is now more readily available in the market as much as quartz is, however less preferred. But since the decline in the prices of granite, many residential and commercial kitchens are demanding quartz.

Quartz is the 2nd Most Abundant Material Found in the Earth’s Crust

Quartz is a mineral that is not as unique as you may think it is. It is in fact one of the most abundant materials found on earth. Unlike marble and granite, quartz doesn’t even has a specific location to look after and is dug up in massive quantities. There are numerous mine fields across the globe that mine quartz and sustainability is not a problem, and won’t be for many years to come.

All Quartz Countertops Are Eco-Friendly

Quartz contractors will tell you that no tree was cut down in order to manufacture quartz worktops Raleigh NC. They are entirely made up of stones and rocks that does not require wooden elements in its manufacturing. Certain companies that might use fiber elements in their countertops, also don’t use trees in this regard. The Bretons Company’s prime idea is to supply furniture using biolenic materials (a trademark word of Breton company) with as little as possible causing and threat to the nature.

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