What You Should Know About Car Window Tint Percentages

Window tints provide ample benefits to your driving experience. Not to mention they are great for a health perspective as well. But before you rush out to get one applied, read on to find out about auto window tinting percentages.

What Are Window Tint Percentages?

Window tint films come in various degrees of tints, ranging from 5% to 90%. What does this number mean? Basically, it is the ratio of what percentage of light can come though the tint. So a tint with a VLT (Variable light transmission) percentage of 50% means that only 50% of the sunlight will pass through the coating. The higher this number, the lighter the tint shade is and vice versa.

And now that you are familiar with window tint percentages and how they affect your overall driving experience, let us reintegrate all the advantages that opting for a window tint job brings to your car.

Car Window Tints Provide Greater Privacy To The Passengers

This is pretty self-explanatory. Depending on how dark your window tint shade is, the interior of your car will either be completely or partially invisible, meaning you don’t have to worry about privacy. However, do make sure that the auto glass tint percentage you choose is allowed by law in your state.

They Keep The Inside Of The Car From Heating Up Too Much

Since car window tints effectively cut down the amount of sunlight getting into the car by whatever percentage you have chosen, the interior of your car stays cooler for longer. Without a tint, your car’s cabin will eventually heat up to unbearable levels.

It Is A Much More Efficient Way Of Keeping The Car Cool Or Warm

Since your car’s interior will always be considerably cooler with a tint than without it, less air conditioning will be required to bring the interior to a comfortable temperature.

It Protects You And Other Passengers From Harmful UV Exposure

Blocking out sunlight also means blocking out harmful UV rays that come along with it. A lot of people are unaware of the effects of constant exposure to these rays. It is one of the leading causes of skin cancer in patients. Keep your family safe and use a tint.

It Protects The Inside Of The Car From Fading Due To UV Rays

UV rays are not only harmful for your skin, but also on leather based products, such as the seats on your car. They have a sort of bleaching effect and will fade your interior in patches, making it look ugly with constant exposure. With an auto window tint, you don’t have to worry about that.

It Reduces Glare From Incoming Traffic, Keeping You Safe On The Road

Incoming glare directly in the driver’s eyes is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in the world. Suddenly blinded, these people tend to swerve abruptly, ending up crashing with another car or somewhere along the road. With a window tint, glares will never again be a cause of concern while driving, as even the brightest of headlights will get dimmed before hitting your eyes. This is a benefit of car window tinting that most people don’t give much attention to, but it’s a huge advantage.

It Protects The Glass From Shattering And Injuring In Case Of A Collision

Auto glass shatters with an explosion upon collision, often injuring the driving and the person in the passenger seat. When you opt for a high quality window tint, the film adhesive holds the shattered glass pieces in place, even after a collision.

The above points make it crystal clear that having a tint applied on your car’s windows brings with it ample advantages, some of which you just cannot ignore. However, when you go out to get one applied for your car, make sure that you are well educated as to the percentage of tints applicable for your vehicle and use case, the legalities surrounding tinting as well as how much it will cost you.

Make sure to get quotes from multiple vendors, and when you are done shortlisting your favorites, do spend some time researching these companies online. Reviews left by past customers will give you a fairly good idea about how reliable the car window tinting shop Springfield is in its dealings.

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