How Restaurants Can Manage Online Reviews

Online reviews are a source of the digital experience of something physical. They give a feel of the real experience without even traveling to that place. It is very important to know that your customer’s review doesn’t only depend upon your customer services, but the atmosphere, décor, presentation, and your customer’s sentiments also count. Moreover, sometimes no matter how remarkable your display is, if your food isn’t mouth-watering, there are chances that you’ve failed to impress your customer. So, before investing in any review management system, make your service special.

According to a survey, 85 percent of people trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. Curiosity is in human nature. And people want to experience what other people talk about. They feel curious and want to know what it is. Therefore, maintaining a good reputation is quite a challenging task itself, as it plays a significant role in your sales. And managing online reviews will improve your guests’ dining experience, which ultimately leads to the confirmation that they’ll surely visit next time. Moreover, a perfect review helps spread the word about you, and your sales will increase.

Do you know how you can manage your online reviews? Or is your website listed yet? Read on to understand how you can increase your restaurant sales through online reviews.

Respond To The Reviews

The most basic trick that works magically is valuing your customers. People love being heard, and in businesses where you have to offer direct services, reaching out to reviews works excellent. Therefore, you must respond to the online reviews, no matter whether they’re positive or negative. This will allow you to engage with your customers actively. Plus, it presents an image of you in the market that you’re active and in the game. Moreover, having negative reviews helps you recognize your weak parts where you can improve.

Websites like Yelp and Google My Business allow business owners to connect with the customers on a personal level. So, you must read and respond to the reviews once in a while.

Try Solving The Issues

Only responding to the reviews doesn’t work; you should try to solve the issues humbly. It is witnessed that most of the time, your team responds to the complaint reviews as “sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll try to solve the matter as soon as possible,” but never actually act on it. Always keep this in mind that people can sense dishonesty even through the screen. So, be courteous and provide honest services.

Moreover, if you fail to fulfill your commitments, you’ll lose the trust of your customers. And it’ll lead to negative reviews which are obviously not suitable for your sales.

Look For The Reviews With Specific Details

Skim through the reviews and look for the ones having specific details. These reviews show some actual issues in some areas of your services despite those reviews that contain no detailed information, but just a general complaint. Plus, these reviews actually point out some specific area and ease your finding out where you went wrong.

Furthermore, specific and clear reviews are a better chance of improvement for you. And these are the best reviews to improve up your reputation and to top up your revenue.

Deal With Negative Reviews

Dealing with negative reviews is quite difficult, but these reviews are the ones that help you improve. You can ask your angry customers to revisit you to decide whether the issue has been solved or not. It will be a great opportunity for you to build a trust-worthy relationship with your customers. Additionally, you’ll gain an image of a business that is open to improvement and value customers’ opinions.

Moreover, before reading a negative review, and giving a second thought to it, keep this thing in your mind that you cannot make everyone happy. You just have to satisfy the majority of the customers by playing safe and honest.

You Can Use Third-Party Websites

You can use third-party programs as well through which you can directly respond to your reviewers.

Be humble to your customers and thank them for the positive reviews. And try to solve the issues of your unhappy customers. Ask your customers to reach out to you via email. Online reviews coupled with the use of a customer review software are great ways to derive sales. So, you must use them as a beneficial opportunity.

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