6 Fascinating Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

Every country and culture has its own wedding traditions. Hawaii is a destination for most couples and they love this particular place for their wedding, so it’s only fair to know what Hawaiian wedding traditions are, or if you want to have a Hawaiian wedding outside of Hawaii, find out the below traditions and take help from wedding party rentals.

Shell Horn Blowing

This is a very common wedding tradition in Hawaii. The horn is basically a hard sea shell and it is known as a Pu. There are different variations of this tradition. Some people say that the minister blows the Pu when the couple is about to say the vows to each other and the Pu is blown to gather the attention of the guests, while some say that the Pu is blown right after the couple is announced to be husband and wife, as a way to celebrate the union and bring joy. This can be done in both ways essentially.

The Rings Are Blessed

Another very common tradition in a Hawaiian wedding is the ring exchange and blessing. The rings are basically the wedding bands that the bride and groom put on each other after saying their vows. Before the rings are worn, they are handed over to the minister who blesses the rings with a special Hawaiian leaf and wood, called Ti and Koa, respectively.

Then, the rings are sprinkled with water. All of these things have special meanings behind them. The Ti leaf represents success and healthy life, the Koa wood represents a good foundation for the marriage and the water is a symbol of starting fresh and new for the couple starting this new chapter.

The Guest Welcome Song

There is also a special song that is sung at Hawaiian weddings. It is called the Oil Aloha. This chant or song is sung at the chapel or the reception before the wedding is started to bless the venue with good wishes and keep vice and evil away. It is also a sign of good luck and happiness for the couple. Sometimes a small choir or group of people will sing this song, or guests can gather and welcome the couple with this song.

Flower Wreaths/Necklaces

Flower garlands or wreaths are also a very famous tradition in Hawaiian weddings. The groom usually gets a garland made out of Ti leaf and the bride wears a garland made out of jasmine. These garlands are known as lei and they are exchanged by the bride and groom each other. Depending on the couple, they can choose to have the decor incorporated with Ti and jasmine as well, which is a great accompaniment with the leis and it shows their love for each other. This is also a symbol of never-ending love between the couple and it symbolizes eternal love.

The Wedding Dance

The hula dance is a very traditional dance in the Hawaiian culture. It is a sensual dance that displays a lot of emotions and feelings. It can be done in a couple of different ways. Sometimes, the groom is a part of the audience, and the bride dances in front of the groom as a way of displaying affection and love. While other times, the couple can hire a special dancer for the hula performance. This is no general rule of thumb for doing it correctly. Whatever deems fit to you and your liking, you can do it.

The Food

The traditional Hawaiian feast is one of the highlights of a wedding. There are tons of food choices, including a lot of exotic foods and fruits. Taro is a root that is used in a lot of Hawaiian cooking. This is incorporated heavily into a Hawaiian wedding feast. Slow-cooked (imu-cooked) meat is also a very common thing that is included in a Hawaiian feast or luau. There are also variations of fish and other very exotic beverages. The wedding cake is more like a rainbow of different fruits and other delicious things.


There you have it! These are probably the most common yet well-known traditions of a Hawaiian wedding. It’s what makes their weddings unique and out of this world. Apart from arranging other things when planning a Hawaiian wedding, look for the right wedding tent rental packages Damascus MD for cutting costs.

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