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How Do You Remodel An Old Detached Garage

Your car is the storage place for your car, but it can be more than that. If utilized efficiently, you can store skateboards, tools, furniture along with many other items on a daily basis. However, tackling the remodeling process of an old detached garage can be a big undertaking and need architects builders for it. We are going to discuss how you can renovate an old detached garage to make it a more useful space.

Sort And Donate Any Storage

When it comes to remodeling or renovating an old detached garage, the first thing you need to do is clear what’s stored inside. It might be that you have stuffed baby clothes and furniture in addition to old appliances, which are simply of no use and eating space. Since it’s time to remodel your garage, such items need to be cleared out.

If you have clothes stored, go through them one by one and sort them out. Decide if they can be recycled or donated. Clothes in good condition can be donated whereas others can be recycled. In addition to that, if you have anything expensive, you can sell them through social media platforms. You can also try asking your family members if they need anything, which might otherwise be recycled or donated.

Install A Heater

Believe it or not, installing a heater is going to make a huge difference in terms of remodeling an old detached garage. However, before installing a heater in your garage, you should make sure that it is properly insulated. If it’s not, you will lose warm air even before it reaches inside. The aim is to turn your garage into a tiny little living space where you can maybe sit with your friends and have fun during the weekends just like in a basement.

Installing a heater depends on the size of your garage. You are going to need a perfect size that effectively and efficiently warms up the place.

Add Cabinets

If you plan it out thoroughly, you will observe that your garage has more space than you will ever need. And since you have sorted out all the items and clothes, you can easily organize them in cabinets and storage spaces. We suggest that you start with the tools and equipment you use on a daily basis. Then, select a wall and get a few cabinets made or a pegboard. This will help you get everything off the floor and make the garage look less congested.

Clean And Refinish The Garage Floor

Now that you are done with the recycling, donating, and storage process, it is time that you attend to the garage floor. It might seem a bit of a daunting task but will make a huge difference if you are willing to put in the hard work. Simply clear the floor from any items and objects and first give it a rinse. You can buy off-the-shelf chemicals that you can spray onto the floor and let them sit for a while. Follow the instructions mentioned on the bottles and do not let them dry.

Depending on how dirty the floor is, you might want to use the chemicals repeatedly to ensure the floor is clean. Once you are done, develop a cleaning schedule and maintain the garage so that any stains, molds, or grease are removed before they become permanent.

Turn It Into A Living Space

Turning an old detached garage into a living space is a great idea if you are up for it. By turning it into a bedroom, you can welcome additional family members or friends. However, you will need to think about adding a bathroom as well as insulation as it can get quite cold in there. You can also shift your parents there to avoid disturbance while your children and spouse are busy with their lives.

Additionally, you can also rent out the place if your state permits it. You can simply turn the garage into a small apartment, which can serve as potential income.

Final Word

Remodeling an old garage can surely be a tricky process but do not let your nervousness take away all the fun and excitement. Simply follow the tips above and hire a home remodeling architects DC who can help you turn your idea into reality.

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