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How To Cut Down A Tree Too Close To A House

Trees provide numerous benefits to people as well as the environment. But sometimes, cutting down a tree by an arborist service is beneficial due to certain circumstances.

Reasons To Remove A Tree

Trees that are damaged, diseased, struck by a natural disaster, coming in line of construction or are grown near power lines should be cut down. Similarly, if the tree is close to a house with a proximity that it can fall down and damage the people and house itself should be immediately cut down.

If the tree is coming in between power lines or pipelines then a professional should be contacted for the job but if it is not the case then you can carefully attempt to cut the tree.

Tree Cutting Procedure

  1. Firstly, you need to measure the height of the tree and where it will fall. Make sure to check towards which direction your tree is leaning because it will easily fall in that direction.
  2. Remove all obstructions or things which are in the way of the tree such as cars, benches or anything that could get damaged in the tree cutting process.
  3. Take all the safety measures and wear all the protective clothes such as steel toe boots, leather sturdy gloves, ear muffs, safety goggles, helmet and protective suit.
  4. Now you need to cut all the excess branches and twigs so that the weight of the tree is reduced and the damage caused is the least. Take a ladder and tie its end to the top end of the tree so that it stays stable. Then cut all the extra branches whether big and small with a chainsaw. This process will make the tree lighter and it will get cut easily.
  5. Cut the branches that have open and clear areas beneath them so they directly fall to the ground instead of getting entangled in other branches. Trim the tree from top to bottom.
  6. Never do one side of the tree first and then proceed towards the other side as this leads to imbalance in weight. Treat all the heavy and dense branches from all sides so that the weight of the tree remains balanced. You will feel this is the perfect way to go about as a balanced tree is easy to deal with.
  7. Now untie the ladder and tie a rope in the direction of the lean of the tree and the other end should be held tightly or tied to a solid object.
  8. Now in the direction of the lean, make a notch cut at the lower end of the trunk. The notch should be at a 45° angle and in a V shape. Make a cut parallel to the ground, at least 10 inches above the ground and should be 1/3rd of the whole trunk. Then make a cut with the chainsaw at a 45° angle from one end of the parallel cut such that it firms a slant V shape. Take out the piece of the trunk with the help of a friend.
  9. Next you should make a cut parallel to the ground but it should be 5 inches above the notch. The cut should be at the opposite end of the V notch. Once the cut is done, you should quickly move away and yell “timber” so that your friend knows it’s time to pull the tree.
  10. Once the tree has fallen to the ground, you need to cut its trunk and branches in small pieces and load them away either to sell wood or some place. Do this with the help of a chainsaw.

Efficacy Of The Method

This method is easily possible for a cutting down a small tree which is at least 10 to 20 meters away from a house and no damage is done when the tree falls down. But if the tree is 5 meters near or near such that it could damage property and person when falling down then only experts should be called for the task and it should never be performed without the help of an expert.


Tree cutting is not an easy task and also the operation of a chainsaw. Only take the risk if you have some prior experience in operating a chainsaw. Otherwise, call in tree removal services MD for tree cutting.

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