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What Is The Best Way To Remove Trees

Removing a tree is a nerve-wracking process regardless of the size and type. It is important that you practice safety and are aware of the right technique before bringing down the tree or get in touch with tree removal services. Let’s know some tips that will help you out should you plan on cutting down some trees.

Evaluate & Prune The Tree

Before you can begin cutting a tree, you should evaluate the situation and maybe prune the tree. If you are working on a large tree, you will surely need to trim down the tree first and remove some branches to make the transition easier.

The reason is that large trees carry a huge risk when falling. The branches can hit the surrounding properties and power lines etc. leading to expensive damage. Not only that, but the tree can also become stuck in the powerlines which could add fuel to the fire.

Furthermore, evaluating the tree means that you should look for signs of tree diseases or infections. Trees with diseases and infections could be dead from the inside and may result in miscalculations. Therefore, an evaluation will give you an idea of what you need to do based on the situation.

Estimate The Falling Zone & Clear The Area

The next thing you need to do is estimate the falling zone and clear the area. This is an important step for your safety, so, you need to come up with as close to the perfect measurements as possible. Once you have estimated the falling zone, clear or remove any obstructions that might hinder your escape.

Moreover, create safety exits that will allow you to escape the danger zone when the tree is about to fall. Keep in mind that trees can fall opposite to what you had imagined. You never know what could be coming. That said, it is better to keep a clear distance so that you don’t get injured.

Wear Proper Gear

Although, it is obvious but surprisingly, people still get injured every year just because they ignore covering their hands or eyes, etc. If you are working with a chainsaw, you shouldn’t be picking it up unless you are wearing proper safety equipment.

A chainsaw will help you bring down a tree within a few minutes but it can amputate your hands or fingers in a split second as well. Injuries from such tools are serious and can lead to blood loss. So, be safe and make sure your important body parts are protected both pre and post-cutting.

Make The Right Notch

This is where things get serious and decide whether things will go your way or nature’s way. You should make a notch on the trunk’s side where you would like the tree to fall. Make the top-notch and after that make a bottom-botch. Use the chainsaw to cut the tree till it starts to fall off.

Remove the chainsaw, gather your equipment, and exit through the escape route. Keep in mind that you don’t need to cut down the tree all the way for felling. That is dangerous. If possible, ask a friend or a relative to watch the tree for you.

A helping hand could also save you from a branch that might land on your head. These things might sound subtle and minor but go a long way in terms of ensuring safety and security.

Remove the Root Ball & Cut the Tree into Manageable Pieces

Once the tree is down, you should proceed with cutting the root ball. If you are working with a large tree, you might need a truck or a crane to remove it. But if it’s a small tree, you can simply wiggle it out. And once you have done that, proceed to cut the tree into manageable pieces for firewood.

Then again, keep yourself covered and never stand on the tree while cutting. You could easily slip and fall.

Final Word

The best way to cut trees is by ensuring safety and protection. Ask someone for a helping hand and use the right tools and equipment to make the right notches and cuts. And if you cannot do all that, find emergency tree services Chevy Chase for help.

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